15 with the Author | ‘Great Bowls of Food’ by Robin Asbell 8/22/16

Bowl meals are a tasty trend for 2016 and Cookbook writer and chef, Robin Asbell is here on 15 with the Author Great Bowlsto talk about her new book, “Great Bowls of Food”.  It’s the first cookbook to cover every kind of bowl from grain bowls to buddha bowls and everything in between.   It’s such a hot trend, that according to food-industry consulting firm Technomic, bowls have seen a 29.7% rise in the entree category over the last five years.  Robin discusses the basics of creating a tasty bowl, the bowls themselves and offers some delicious recipes.  I’ve been cooking them myself!  Robinasbell.com

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Great Bowls of Food by Robin Asbell


15 with the Author | ‘Miss Jane’ by Brad Watson 8/15/16

Drawing upon the story of his own great-aunt, Teri Knight’s guest, Brad Watson, explores the life of Miss 9780393241730_198-2-2Jane Chisolm, born in rural, early 20th-century Mississippi with a genital birth defect that would stand in the way of a “normal” life of a girl born in that time, marriage and sex.  How does she cope?  What joy can she find?  Brad Watson


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Miss Jane by Brad Watson


15 with the Author | ‘Low-So Good A Guide to Real food, Big Flavor and Less Sodium’ by Jessica Goldman Foung 8/8/16

2jIBCwAAQBAJDiagnosed with Lupus and facing total kidney failure, today’s guest on 15 with the Author, Jessica Goldman Foung, began to explore holistic options in concert with her medical treatment to support her body from the inside out. Today Teri Knight talks with her about that journey and her cookbook, “Low So Good – a guide to Real Food, Big Flavor and Less Sodium”.  Today she’s off the medical kidney transplant list, off of dialysis, and her kidneys have partially regenerated.  Oh and there are great recipes!  Flavor with herbs!  sodiumgirl.com  

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Low So Good by Jessica Goldman Foung


15 with the Author | ‘Detroit Hustle – a Memoir of Love, Life & Home’ by Amy Haimerl

6fc31b29ff812cc385ea1a6088180993“Leap before you look” might be the mantra of Teri Knight’s guest today.  Amy Haimerl is the author of “Detroit Hustle – a Memoir of Love, Life and Home”.  Amy and her husband, Karl, find themselves at a crossroad, as most of us do, but rather than calculating pros and cons, they leap into buying a home in Detroit, completely void of plumbing, heating, and electricity. What does a white cat and a streetlight have to do with their decision to buy in blighted Detroit?   AmyHaimerl

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Detroit Hustle – a memoir of Love, Life and Home


15 with the Author | ‘The Fighting Frenchman – Minnesota’s Boxing Legend, Scott LeDoux’ by Paul Levy

image_miniMuhammad Ali was the Heavyweight champion of the world, but Minnesota’s boxing legend, Scott LeDoux was the people’s champ.  On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight’s guest is Paul Levy, author of “The Fighting Frenchman – Minnesota’s Boxing Legend, Scott LeDoux”.  Paul was a writer for the Star Tribune for thirty-five years and has written for the New York Times, ABC News, the Boston Globe, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, and Mother Jones.  Paul interviewed Scott over a period of time before he died in 2011.  Growing up in Crosby, MN on the Iron Range wasn’t an easy life for Scott.  Paul delves into Scott’s childhood and reveals some very painful moments as well as following his career and afterward.  There are LOTS of great stories about LeDoux.  

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The Fighting Frenchman by Paul Levy



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15 with the Author | ‘Legends of Texas BBQ’ by Robb Walsh 7/11/16

legends_lg2Texas is known for their barbecued beef but, as Teri Knight discovered on 15 with the Author, there’s a lot more to Texas barbecue than sauce! Teri’s guest is Robb Walsh, author of “Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook – Recipes and Recollections from the Pitmasters”. He describes the lineage of Texas bbq as a feisty mutt with a lot of crazy relatives!  From the influence of African American Slaves and Europeans to the Texas Hibachi, Robb shares stories, recipes and photographs of the true pitmasters.  The history is as palatable as the recipes!  Robb Walsh

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