15 with the Author | ‘The Age of Radiance’ by Craig Nelson 4/21/14


On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight interviews Craig Nelson, author of  “The Age of Radiance – the Epic Rise and Dramatic Fall of the Atomic Era”.  While nuclear science improves our everyday lives—from medicine to microwave technology—radiation’s invisible powers can trigger cancer and cellular mayhem. Writing with a biographer’s passion, Craig Nelson unlocks one of the […]

15 with the Author | ‘Strongwood – a Crime Dossier’ by Larry Millett 4/14/14


It’s 1903 in Minneapolis and amid allegations of seduction, rape and blackmail, Michael Masterson is shot dead and Addie Strongwood goes on trial for 1st degree murder.  Larry Millett is a Minneapolis writer and 30 year veteran reporter with the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  He meticulously sifted through this “true crime story” and brought it […]

15 with the Author | ‘Why we Make things and Why it Matters’ by Peter Korn 3/31/14


On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight interviews Peter Korn, author of “Why we Make things and Why it Matters”, the education of a craftsman.  His most recent book though, is not a HOW book but rather a WHY book.  He discusses the self exploration and transformation of creativity.  Korn is the founder of […]

15 with the Author | ‘The Impossible Knife of Memory’ by Laurie Halse Anderson 3/24/14


On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight’s guest is Laurie Halse Anderson, author of “The Impossible Knife of Memory”.  The book centers  around high school senior Hayley whose dad and decorated veteran, Andy,  struggles to escape the demons that have tortured him since his return from deployment.  This is personal for Anderson as her […]

15 with the Author | ‘Road to Reckoning’ by Robert Lautner


The saying goes, “The Lord made men, Sam Colt made them equal”.  Today’s guest on 15 with the Author is Robert Lautner, author of “Road to Reckoning” a fictional story set with the backdrop of Sam Colt’s first revolving pistol, the Patterson.  Lautner’s story introduces us to Thomas Walker, a motherless 12 year old who’s […]

15 with the Author | ‘How to Work a Room’ by Susan RoAne 3/10/14

Have you ever walked into a room of strangers and felt uncomfortable?  Who hasn’t!?!  Today’s guest on 15 with the Author is Susan RoAne, author of “How to Work a Room – the Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting Connections in Person and Online”.  The self-proclaimed “Mingling Maven” has revised her famous book, on it’s Silver […]

15 with the Author | ‘How to Build a Hovercraft’ by Fritz Grobe 3/3/14


Teri Knight interviews Fritz Grobe, a Yale dropout and professional juggler, also known as one of the Coke and Mentos guys.  He and his friend, Stephen Voltz, created the experiment using Mentos and Coke that led to an explosion, both of Coke and viral video; and since then have continued to create chaos and cool […]

15 with the Author | ‘The Angel Effect – we are never alone’ by John Geiger 2/24/14

the angel effect

Are Angels real?  On today’s 15 with the Author Teri Knight talks with John Geiger who’s latest book, “The Angel Effect – we are never alone”, attempts to answer that question.   In his previous bestseller, The Third Man Factor, John examined stories of explorers who found themselves at the edge of death and experienced a […]