15 with the Author | ‘Underwater Museum’ by Jason deCaires Taylor 7/21/14


On today’s 15 with the Author Teri Knight’s guest is Jason Decaires Taylor, creator of the Underwater Museum and author of the book by the same name.  Jason has created numerous sculptures of people and situations and then submerged them into the sea and created ecosystems where they are threatened.  His book, “Underwater Museum” is […]

15 with the Author | ‘The Unexpected Caregiver’ by Kari Berit 7/14/14

The Unexpected Caregiver

On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight turns the tables on one of KYMN’s own personalities, Kari Berit.  Berit is the author of “The Unexpected Caregiver” as well as the host of her own show of the same name.  She’s heard on KYMN Thursdays at 11am and again on Sundays at 10am.  We hear […]

15 with the Author | ‘This is Ridiculous – This is Amazing’ by Jason Good 7-7-14


On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight interviews funnyman Jason Good about his new book “This is Ridiculous, This is Amazing”, a book of 71 lists for parents.  Lists that include how many ways there are to use baby wipes.  It’s a tongue in cheek look at raising kids.  Whether you’ve been there, done […]

15 with the Author | ‘Juice It’ by Robin Asbell 6/30/14


Jack La lane may have started the trend but Robin Asbell is kicking it up a notch!  Juicing is trending and Robin’s book ‘Juice It’ is loaded with wonderful recipes for what ails ya or just because.  On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight discusses the differences in blenders and juicers and why that’s […]

15 with the Author | ‘The Madwoman in the Volvo’ by Sandra Loh 6/23/14


Teri Knight interviews performance artist, commentator and author, Sandra Loh, on her new book “The Madwoman in the Volvo” -  a brutally honest look at the mid-life crisis and how it can have consequences beyond hot flashes and dry skin.    Serious and seriously funny. Click below for the full interview:    

15 with the Author | ‘Straight from the Earth’ by Myra Goodman 6/16/14

book cover

On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight interviews Myra Goodman, the co-founder of Earthbound Farms, the largest supplier of organic foods in the country AND co-author of “Straight from the Earth” – a vegan cookbook.   She talks humbly about how Earthbound Farms grew from a 2 ½ acre raspberry farm in 1984 to a […]

15 with the Author | ‘The Skin Collector’ by Jeffery Deaver 6/9/14


On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight interviews international bestselling author, Jeffery Deaver.  His latest, “The Skin Collector”,  features the quadriplegic detective Lincoln Rhymes who made his first appearance in the 1997 thriller “The Bone Collector” which was made into a movie with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.  Deaver is an interesting interview as […]

15 with the Author | ‘Eat Pretty – Nutrition for Beauty inside and out’ by Jolene Hart 6/2/14

Eat-Pretty Cover

Rather than spending a fortune on lotions and potions for beautiful skin, could it be that all we need is good nutrition? Can dandelions make your skin look good?  That’s what Jolene Hart says in her book, “Eat Pretty – nutrition for beauty inside and out”.  Teri Knight interviews Jolene on today’s 15 with the […]