15 with the Author | ‘We Are Unprepared’ by Meg Little Reilly 9/26/16

we-areJust as recent changing weather patterns with unprecedented rainfall, hurricanes, tornadoes and more are affecting our World, a former Obama Administration staffer writes her debut novel, “We are Unprepared”.  On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight’s guest, Meg Little Reilly, writes of The Storm, a super storm pattern threatening to destroy a marriage, a town and the entire Eastern seaboard.  A small town is splintered into 2 factions on how to deal with the upcoming threat.  Meg also talks briefly about her role in the Obama administration and what prompted you to give it up and write full time.  

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15 with the Author | ‘Navigating Life – things I wish my mother had told me” by Margaux Bergen

9781594206290There are many things most of us likely wish our mother had told us.  Things about living, things about her own life.  On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight’s guest, Margaux Bergen, does just that in her novel “Navigating Life – things I wish my mother had told me”.  Part memoir, part advice, Bergen shares her own lessons, some incredibly raw, in hopes that her trials and errors might benefit her daughter as she sets off for college.   Bergen also shares 3 basic lessons including never give up your moral judgement to someone else.   

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15 with the Author | ‘Rice Craft’ by Sonoko Sakai 9/12/16

41o6paxqyvl-_sy348_bo1204203200_On today’s 15 with the Author we dive into the food world of onigiri. Teri Knight’s guest, Sonoko Sakai, is the author of “Rice Craft”, a wonderful introduction to the wide world of Rice and Japanese culture.  She shares wonderful stories of growing up in Japan and making these special rice balls with her grandma.   There are lots of recipes in her book from using dried fruits and nuts to tuna.  Learn the many varieties of rice and the various cooking methods.  Sonoko’s website cooktellsastory.com

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15 with the Author | ‘Please Enjoy Your Happiness’ by Paul Brinkley-Rogers 8/29/16

imagesPulitzer Prize–winning war correspondent Paul Brinkley‑Rogers has lived an adventurous life all over the world. But there is one story he cannot forget: that of his haunting love affair with a mysterious older Japanese woman in 1959.   On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight talks with Paul about his memoir, “Please Enjoy Your Happiness”.   Unlike the other other sailors, Paul is a poet.  When he walks into the White Rose, he’s carrying a book.  Yukiko, who is a hostess there, takes the 19 year old under her wing.  They share music, poetry, culture and a dark secret that she slowly reveals.  Paul shares the letters from Yukiko that he’s kept and the book reads like a letter to her.  

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Please Enjoy Your Happiness by Paul Brinkley-Rogers


15 with the Author | ‘Great Bowls of Food’ by Robin Asbell 8/22/16

Bowl meals are a tasty trend for 2016 and Cookbook writer and chef, Robin Asbell is here on 15 with the Author Great Bowlsto talk about her new book, “Great Bowls of Food”.  It’s the first cookbook to cover every kind of bowl from grain bowls to buddha bowls and everything in between.   It’s such a hot trend, that according to food-industry consulting firm Technomic, bowls have seen a 29.7% rise in the entree category over the last five years.  Robin discusses the basics of creating a tasty bowl, the bowls themselves and offers some delicious recipes.  I’ve been cooking them myself!  Robinasbell.com

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Great Bowls of Food by Robin Asbell


15 with the Author | ‘Miss Jane’ by Brad Watson 8/15/16

Drawing upon the story of his own great-aunt, Teri Knight’s guest, Brad Watson, explores the life of Miss 9780393241730_198-2-2Jane Chisolm, born in rural, early 20th-century Mississippi with a genital birth defect that would stand in the way of a “normal” life of a girl born in that time, marriage and sex.  How does she cope?  What joy can she find?  Brad Watson


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Miss Jane by Brad Watson