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  • Rice and Steele County city agencies will soon implement the Code Red Program. In the event of an emergency, city police and fire departments will be able to notify citizens automatically by phone. Northfield Deputy Chief of Police Chuck Walerius says citizens will be notified more quickly about emergencies than in the past. Walerius says a test run will be conducted in January to kick the program off. You can enroll in Code Red today and sign up multiple phone numbers, by clicking here.
  • A special election will be held next month to pick a new state senator. Governor Tim Pawlenty called the election for January 26 for Senate District 26. The seat is being vacated by Republican Senator Dick Day, who’s stepping down to lobby for state-backed racetrack gambling. 
  • Minnesota health providers received 9,300 doses of the H1-N1 flu vaccine intended for children that are the subject of a national recall. Immunization chief Kris Ehresmann says the doses were sent weeks ago and it’s likely they’ve already been given. Vaccine administered by Northfield Hospital and Clinics were not included in the recall. That’s according to a press release from the Hospital. Public health officials say safety is not an issue in this recall and children who received the vaccine don’t need to be revaccinated. Parents are reminded that all kids under 10 should get the recommended two doses of vaccine with a month interval. The concern was that vaccine from identified stored batches had lost potency.

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