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  • Northfield firefighters battled a fire at the College City Motel last night. Fire chief Gerry Franek says the fire started at around 9:20 in one of the motel units. No one was hurt in the incident. Chief Franek says the fire was likely caused by a burning cigarette in  a chair in the room. The room where the blaze started was a total loss. Firefighters cut a hole in the roof where the fire started to ventilate the attic. Chief Franek calls the fire accidental. He says he doesn’t anticipate any charges in the matter at this time. 
  • The Northfield city council discussed public safety facility planning at its work session last night. The council is proposing a new police building, and looking into the viability of building a new fire station on the current safety center site. Capital improvement bonds and referendums are among the financing options being considered by the council for the public safety buildings and library expansion. June 15th is the day the council is scheduled to make a decision on how to move forward with funding for the projects. The police and fire buildings, along with expansion of the Northfield library are part of the city’s proposed five-year capital improvement plan. The city of Northfield has included timeline and financing information on its web site. Click here to view that information.
  • A proposed temporary skate park in North Babcock Park will likely be on the Northfield city council’s agenda at its May 18th meeting. The city of Northfield, the Union of Youth, the Skateboard Coalition and the Northfield Public Schools Community Services Division are working together to establish the skate park in the same location as last summer, but with a few modifications. This year, the Skateboard Coalition and Union of Youth would provide and pay for a non-peer monitor to be on site during the park’s busiest times. The monitor would be there to remind users to follow posted guidelines, to respect other participants and neighbors, and to collect data to be used for future planning, such as number of users and types of park activities. Approval to open the park, if granted, would most likely include a monthly re-evaluation to ensure that any issues that arise can be resolved quickly. Mayor Mary Rossing calls the potential skate park with an on-site monitor “an opportunity for the community to learn more about skaters and skating and to dispel any myths they may have about the sport. It is also a chance for potential users to show their commitment to the success of a facility. This means getting along with neighbors and operating within the rules of the park. It is my hope that this will be a win-win for the community.” KYMN will have more details as they become available.

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