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  • The Northfield school board received a presentation from the Northfield YMCA at its meeting Monday. The YMCA is proposing construction of a new building on school property. School superintendent Dr. Chris Richardson says shared services could benefit both groups. Dr. Richardson says the YMCA would construct and maintain the building and then gift it to the school district, which would in turn lease the building back to the YMCA, so there would be no cost to taxpayers. Dr. Richardson says a number of schools around the country have established similar relationships with YMCAs. According to Dr. Richardson, the board will likely create a set of criteria over the summer for the YMCA to meet before a partnership or lease agreement would be negotiated.
  • Carelton College’s Acting in the Community Together (ACT) Center holds its annual Lighten Up garage sale on June 17th and 18th. Students donate items they no longer need. Kelly Scheuerman is the Assistant Director of the ACT Center. She says last year more than 75,000 items were donated. Money raised goes to the Northfield Union of Youth, Northfield Special Olympics and Project Friendship. Last year, the sale raised more than $24,000. The sale is open to everyone. This year the sale runs on Thursday, June 17th and Friday, June 18th from 8a.m. To 7p.m. In the West Gym on the Carleton Campus off of Highway 19.

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