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by Scott Peterson

Representatives from the Northfield Public Library presented a capital campaign feasibility study to the city council at a work session on Tuesday. The city council has proposed a library expansion as part of its 5-year Capital Improvement Plan. The study estimates around $4 million in private funds would be required to achieve the library’s goals for the project, though the study also indicates the library would likely be able to raise about a fourth of that $4 million at this time. Library Chair Margit Johnson says the report shows the community needs to better understand the council’s committment to the project before private individuals will be willing to contribute. Johnson requested the council conduct a “comp plan” style meeting to bring in the community and for the council to provide the community with background on why municipal facilities like the library and saftey center are integral parts of the community. Among the items being preliminarily proposed as part of the library’s expansion—improvements to the children’s section, a learning center and computer lab and private study and tutorial rooms.

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