You might have noticed building owner Bill Nelson up on a ladder earlier this week,  securing a familiar sign up high on 321 Division Street.

Nelson owns the building where the iconic “Tiny’s Smoke Shop”, later “Tiny’s, Dogs All Day“, was housed for decades.   Tiny’s was established in 1947 according to the old signage on the buildings back side and closed just a few years ago.  Yet this week, its sign was being re-installed, but with the word “Building” underneath the familiar “Tiny’s” logo.

I asked Bill Nelson about the re-appearance of the sign.  He explained how his two tenants and friends Tom Bisel of “Fit to be Tie’d” and Jeff Woods of “The Bodysmith” (upstairs) spent some time trying to decide what to do with the old sign and the painting of the life sized hotdog in the front entryway.  Well, the answer was easy.  Retain the nostalgia associated with the building and it’s prior occupant by naming his building the “Tiny’s Building”.  Hoping to draw upon it’s fame while keeping the familiar sign up in downtown, the decision was made.  Some touch of paint here, and some stenciling there resulted in the buildings official sign, affixed on Monday.

Given the nature of the fitness themed business that now houses the Tiny’s Building, the trio bulked up the hotdog painting, giving him some pipes and points upwards towards Jeff’s body building studio.

“There will be no official announcement,” explained Nelson, “I just hope people like it and give me some positive feedback!”