I’m excited to announce a brand new Winter Walk event that is sure to become a family tradition.  Much like the Defeat of Jesse James Days Horseshoe hunt that I chair, I’m kicking off the “Winter Walk Holiday Hunt” which will be the first ever Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce event of it’s kind and will take place the.week prior to Winter Walk, ending with the final clue on the Thursday morning of the big night downtown.So bundle up, get the family together, take a good look at the photo of the snowflake ornament that you’ll be searching for and watch for that first clue to arrive this coming Saturday morning.  Please read over all of the rules carefully.

The finder of the ornament will receive a prize package valued at $500!!

Good luck and Merry Christmas!
Event Coordinator and Clue Master
Tim Freeland

2011 Winter Walk Holiday Hunt Official Rules

  • This brand new event is sponsored by the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce and is an official “Winter Walk” event.  A brown metal Christmas ornament in the shape of a snow flake (3-4” in circumference) will be hidden within the Northfield city limits on public property.  The general concept of this event is intended to mirror that of the Defeat of Jesse James Days Horse Shoe Hunt.
  • The first clue will be revealed at 6am on Saturday, December 3rd.  There will be six clues revealed one per day with the final clue on Thursday, December 8th, the morning of Winter Walk.
  • If the ornament is not found by 5pm on Thursday, December 8th, 2011, the hunt will officially end for the year.  The location will then be revealed and there will be no winner named.
  • Clues will be emailed to KYMN Radio, the Northfield News, Northfield Patch, and the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce at 6am each morning of this event.  Each will be asked to post to their websites, include in any print and for KYMN to broadcast on air.
  • The winner must be at least 18 years old, although anyone can help in the hunt.
  • The ornament will be located on public property within Northfield and will not be buried.  Snow precipitation after hiding may result in some snow cover. No digging will be necessary in the retrieval of the ornament.
  • The ornament will not be hidden in any public Christmas decoration or display.  Refrain from digging through any existing decorations.
  • Should any damage to property occur while they are retrieving the ornament, the winner will forfeit all prize money and prizes.
  • The Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce or any participating sponsor, media entity or Chamber member is not responsible for any personal injury incurred hunting for or retrieving the ornament.
  • There is no requirement to register or purchase anything to hunt. The payout is the same for all.
  • There is no cost for this event.
  • When the ornament is found, the winner must immediately notify Tim Freeland at 507-581-5038.  Tim will arrange to meet you and confirm the ornaments authenticity.
  • We encourage families to join together to work out the clues and search together on a possible new tradition.
  • If you win, you must agree to be publicly named along with the possibility of an on-air radio interview, your photo and name(s) on various local websites and a picture and write up in the paper.
  • Everyone except the hunt organizer Tim Freeland and his immediate family members are eligible to participate.