IMG_0232 “The Quest, Unfolding your world, Mapping your future.” Airing Weds at 11:00 am, Terri Lindgren covers topics that push our “personal envelopes”. She’s not here to change your mind, only to get you to think. She also discusses balance and shares ways others deal with it.

Terri challenges you to do something different this week, from as small as trying a new food to something that really scares you. Go on a Quest!

Let Terri know what you think, or contact her with show ideas.

Terri has invited Intuitive Life Coach, Teacher of the Mysteries and owner of Quanta Consulting, Danelle Magtibay to continue the conversation about…Integration.Terri and Danelle have spent the last year talking about different types of integration, this month they discuss the Ultimate Integrative tool: Theory and Practice. Because everything seems to be so different when it comes time to put our plans into ACTION.

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