New maps mean DeKruif and Woodard no longer represent Northfield

A 5 judge panel came out with their Redistricting maps yesterday afternoon. The interactive map is up on our website  Northfield is now in senate district 20 and 20b for the rice county portion and Senate District 58 and 58b for Dakota County. Sen. Al DeKruif’s district has now changed dramatically, he will now be in District 23. His opponent is now Republican Julie Rosen.  DeKruif has not declared his candidacy yet but believes he has more to do. He’ll talk with his family and see where to go from there.

Wards may be a thing of the past

The city council and redistricting subcommittee continue to work on the Ward boundaries. The maps must be complete by March 20th. Staff will finish gathering all the public input and come back to the council at their March 6th meeting. In the meantime there was the suggestion by Patrick Ganey to eliminate Wards completely. Mayor Rossing is in favor of letting go of the divisions. This item will come back at a later date, it could go on the November ballot.

Northfield Depot gains ground

The Save the Northfield Depot group proposed a plan to get things moving, literally. Should the city council approve the plan at their March 6th meeting, the Save the Depot group would pay a dollar for the nearly one acre of land known as the Q-block, where the Quarterback Club sits and then move the building to that location. It won’t be easy, Save the Northfield Depot must raise nearly $300,000 to complete the first phase of its plan that includes moving the 1888 building and converting it into a community center or possibly a transit hub. There were 4 issues that concerned council. They want to make sure that should the Depot group abandon the project for any reason, the city could buy the property back at a dollar. The security amount normally asked for is 125% of the phase one cost but because Save the Depot is non-profit they’ll ask 100% only. They also want to make sure that it’s clearly stated they will not pay for a second EAW or any consequent clean-up. Finally Rossing said they want the project to move along so gave the Depot group a deadline to come back to council March 6th.

Malt-o-Meal now MOM Brands

The iconic Malt-o-Meal has changed it’s name to MOM brands. The company founded in 1919, was a one-product company, today they rank among the nation’s leading cereal companies with 10 different kinds and felt the name change would reflect the growth of the company. Employees will not be negatively affected by the change.

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