Fire Service study group selects consultant

The Fire Service study group met last Friday.  Vice Chair Erica Zweifel says they looked at 2 proposals they received from consultants to help them ferret out best scenarios in forming a Fire Service District with Dundas, Rural Fire and surrounding areas.  She comments that they chose Emergency Services Consulting International.  ESCI will be included in their grant request to the State Fire Marshal’s office that must be submitted by November 16th.   The contract with ESCI is for  nearly $30,000.  They talked about a 45/45/10 split in regard to payment. 45% for Northfield, 45% for Rural Fire and Dundas making up the last 10%.   If they receive the grant that would cut the cost significantly.  Zweifel said they would pay either 45% of $3,000 (if the grant is received) or 45% of about $30,000.  The group recommended the consultant focus on 3 types of systems.  A Joint Powers agreement, a Fire Service District with taxing authority and Consolidation under the City of Northfield.  Boards would regulate the first 2 scenarios, the last one would be under the guidance of the City of Northfield.  The task force did not want the consultant to include the current contractual agreement.  Another part of the discussion revolved around where the new council will stand on the issue.  Zweifel and Pownell will request time at a work session to catch the new members up to speed.  They hope to have the contract signed November 30th.The group expects to have the consultant’s report within 4 months.

City Council gets back to work

After 2 weeks off, the Northfield City council will be back in session.  They’ll swear in Jessica Peterson White who was appointed at their last meeting.  They’ll also approve the canvass of votes.  It will be a combination meeting and work session.  They’ll be finalizing the Refuse contract and approving utility rate adjustments.  Also on the Consent agenda is the authorization of the sale of general obligation bonds which will be used, in part,  to purchase a new fire truck.  During the work session, council will discuss the structuring of the Conventions and Visitors Bureau.   In other coucncil news, Betsey Buckheit will not ask for a recount of votes after her narrrow loss to David Ludescher for Council Member-at-large.  Buckheit told the Northfield News that she did not want to expend more resources on a recount.

Dundas special meeting

The Dundas City Council will hold a Special Meeting of the Canvassing Board on tomorrow night.  It was scheduled for 6:30 but has  been changed to 8 o’clock   Time has been changed to 8:00 p.m.  They’ll certify the votes cast.

Veterans are honored

Despite the drastic change in weather on Sunday, Veterans and residents gathered at Veterans Memorial Park to raise the flag to commemorate the Armistice during World War I.  Color guards from the American Legion Post 84 and VFW Post 4393 conducted the ceremony  yesterday morning.

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