Whoa! The most hosts per capita! In this episode, Young G.Z, Professor Antsy Adams, C-Goody, and Kev-E-Fly are visited by the host of radio program’s past as former token female presence The Mairinator drops by. And then they, you know, do the usual stuff you expect from the show– laughs, news stories, history lessons, trivia questions, music, being really offensive…  

Hot topics from the week include WEED NEWS! So roll it up, because it’s totally aceptable to ask a judge for just one more joint when you are in court for drug charges, and it’s also more than totally acceptable to pose your one year old child with a joint, and then take a picture of it, then develop it at a Rite Aid.

We also meet a fun lady who was just really excited about showing off her martial arts skills while driving around.

Elsewhere, the gang makes a murder pact for the musical choices from the week, Kevin reads “fan mail” from a loyal listener, Mairin brings everybody cupcakes, George can’t stop swearing, Chris seeks acceptance, and everything runs as smoothly as possible during the entire show.

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  • My Adidas by Run DMC
  • Rock With You by Michael Jackson
  • Just The Two of Us by Grover Washington Jr and Bill Withers
  • The Flame by Cheap Trick

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