Recount for Senate District 20 wraps up today

The race for Senate District 20 has been tight with DFLer Kevin Dahle outpacing Republican Mike Dudley by 78 votes out of nearly 40,000 cast.  An automatic recount was called and officials have been holed up recounting each ballot.  During the process there have been gains and losses for both candidates changing the count by 4 votes less for Dahle.  At the time of this writing, final numbers weren’t in yet.

A duck hunter shoots, but not at a duck

A confrontation between duck hunters ends in shots fired.  At about 2:30 yesterday afternoon, Dakota County Sheriffs Deputies were called to Spring Lake Regional Park just outside Hastings on a report of shots fired at a duck hunter. The caller told authorities that a hunter was confronted by another hunting party as he was placing his decoys in the water. An argument escalated, culminating with one party shooting a shotgun at the party in the water. Pellets struck the victim’s boat but no one was hurt.  Dakota County Deputies, State Troopers and Conservation Officers from the DNR began a search for the suspect who was apprehended on an island near where the original assault occurred. The suspect was brought to the Dakota County Jail on charges of Felony Assault. No names were given out in the Press Release.

New software program will track offenders

Rice County Commissioners voted to approve a new software program that shares offender information with other agencies. It’s called Tyler Odessey.  At booking, all their information is taken along with a photo and fingerprints then shared with other agencies including the court system.  Rice County Commissioner Galen Malecha says the old system, Mugshot, isn’t supported anymore and the courts have moved on to Tyler Odessey.  The new system will cost just over $120,000 over the 5 year contract.

Rice County gets a new logo

Rice County will get a new logo.  Malecha says the old logo’s been around since the 70’s and seemed to have no relevance.  The new one will be a much cleaner look.  He says the employees had a say in what it looks like.  The cost should be minimal as old letterhead is just about used up and they’ll be able to just print the logo on envelopes and letters as they use it.  The logos on the vehicles will be a sticker.  There are about 30 vehicles that will require the change.

Trivia Bee is a success!

Twelve teams started but only 1 could win.  Last night’s Northfield Public Library Trivia Bee was a hit.  Friends of the Library, Bill North said people were excited about it and they made some money for the Library.  This is the first year they’ve had a trivia bee and North says there were a number of younger people involved this year which he hopes will continue.  “Trivial Pursuants” won  the big prize of $400 in downtown money.  The group was made up of Justin London, Elizabeth Buckheit and Steve and Jane Poskanzer.  The Zillionaires entertained the crowd before the big contest and then afterward.

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