Another bump in the road to a new Police facility is smoothed out for now

The Police Facility moves another step forward.  The margin was slim but last night Council shot down Council member Ludescher’s proposed resolution to approve hiring bond counsel to answer a series of questions related to the COP bond financing of the Police facility.  Included in the resolution was a request to pay up to $4500 for legal counsel to issue an opinion of whether the finance mechanism was even legal or allowed by City Charter.   Ludescher brought with him a packet of information that was not included on the City’s website.   He said he believes the COP bond financing is illegal and not permitted by City Charter.  He said city staff recently failed to answer his and Council member David DeLong’s questions which included whether they had to use all the money financed even if the project comes in under budget.  Ludescher reiterated his belief that financing for the facility should’ve gone to the voters.   After lengthy debate the resolution failed 4 to 3.  Councilors Ludescher and DeLong voted yes as did Pownell saying that regardless of past council approving the bond sale, Ludescher and DeLong have questions that should be answered.  Councilors Nakasian and Zweifel took offense to Ludescher’s allegations that the previous council didn’t do their due diligence and that their process was illegal.  She said she’s convinced that they made the right decision as they were guided by bond counsel and that it’s been used in other cities.  While none of the councilors disagreed that the facility is needed, there was disagreement on the process.  Mayor Graham said this morning that “if bond counsel didn’t feel it was legal, they would’ve warned Council…”
He added that, personally, “there’s a potential to change council every 2 years and we can’t keep going backwards.  Nothing will get done.”  Graham said they’re still working on ways to save on cost.  They are scheduled to break ground in June.  His interview is on our website.

Other items on the agenda…

The 6th and 9th street improvements moved forward during Tuesday night’s council meeting.  They will advertise for bids on the project.  It took less than 10 minutes to approve all the resolutions regarding the expansion and improvements proposed by All Saints Episcopal Church.  The entire council meeting is archived online at with a second recording listed.   Council will meet next week with the EDA and the Planning Commission during their work session.

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