Today’s news update – City plow plows into vehicle; Recycle your Christmas lights

City plow plows into vehicle

The snowfall meant the City plows were out and, according to a post on Facebook from a reliable source, one neighbor’s car was opened like a tuna can from hood to trunk.  So who’s responsible?  Well, the City is, according to Streets and Parks Supervisor TJ Heinricy.  “They have to fix it”.  Heinricy says there was an argument that the vehicle was three feet out in the street but at this point it’s up to the insurance companies.   Heinricy’s crew, about 9 employees,  were out plowing starting at midnight Christmas morning.  No snow emergency was called.  He said there was no point as it would’ve only be on the web and facebook and people wouldn’t have known about it.  They were out plowing till about 10:30 yesterday morning and then out again very early this morning to tidy up and get the downtown sidewalks plowed.  They hauled 53 loads out of downtown which translates to over 2,000 tons of snow!  Heinricy says they take that out behind his shop and out at the compost site, using the rodeo site as a backup if necessary.  Heinricy warns folks clearing out their driveways NOT to put snow into the street.  You’ll be warned once and then cited.  Heinricy said he had about 13 messages yesterday from residents complaining about various things including snowplows closing up their driveway after they’d cleared it.  He says wait to shovel till you’ve seen the city plow go by twice.  Heinricy will be in studio tomorrow morning to talk about the snow regulations.

Dundas council

In Dundas Council news, after expanding their Public Works department last year they hired David Dahlstrom, who quit for what he thought was a better position.  On Monday, they hired him back!  The council then wrapped up some minor business and have closed up for the holidays.

Recycle your Christmas lights

With garbage increasing by 25% over the holidays, Rice County has been sharing waste reducing tips the last few weeks. Don’t throw your lights in the garbage – recycle them!  As in years past, Rice County will be collecting Holiday Lights for recycling.  Lights can be dropped off at the Rice County Recycling Center/Landfill in Dundas and at the ACE Hardware Store in Northfield through January 15th.  Remember too that Dick’s Sanitation has recycling bins at Econofoods and Cub Foods.    It is estimated that Americans use roughly 100 Billion plastic shopping bags every year!!  It takes 12 million barrels of oil to make the bags Americans use each year.  Reusable Shopping bags provide several benefits aside from reducing waste.  They’re durable, easier to carry and hold more stuff.  They also don’t rip or tear.  In Rice County you can recycle plastic bags by putting them all inside one plastic bag and placing in your single sort recycling bin.

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