KeyMN Radio: Taser Seduction

Welcome to 2014! Can you believe we even made it? We sure can’t. So please, make a little room in your hearts for Space Cardinal Professor Antsy Adams Alarm Clock, B-Girl Mady Luv DJ Malk, C-Goody (Spoiler Alert: he’s leaving the show in a month), and the biggest jerk of all, Kev-E-Fly, as they talk about important issues, take an important quiz about New Year’s Resolutions, and listen to important music.

Hot topics from the week include ceramic squirrels, and why they make great weapons. Also, why being seduced by a taser isn’t exactly a bad thing after you’ve had “a series of outbursts.”

Elsewhere, Chris reveals he’s leaving the show, everybody names a gift they got for Christmas, and then wonders if they have what it takes to keep their New Year’s Resolutions, Mady has much sports, Adam brings an “observer” to the show, and Kevin realizes he may be overbearing.

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  • In The Green Wild by Julia Holter
  • The Rhyme by Keith Murray
  • Suzanne by Leonard Cohen
  • Heaven by Beyonce

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