Join, me, Teri Knight each Monday at 11am for “15 with the Author”.  For 15 minutes each week, I’ll open the cover of a different book and get an inside peek with the author.  Expect an eclectic variety covering a multitude of genres.

This week Teri talks with: Anthony Horowitz is one of the most prolific and successful writers working in the UK.  He’s the author of the best selling teen spy series Alex Rider.  His latest novel is “Russian Roulette – the story of an assassin”.  It’s the 10th and last book in the Alex Rider series and is a prequel that explains where the teenage James Bond-type character, Alex Rider came from.  Horowitz’s own upbringing sounds like a Charles Dickens story – he talks about that and how he coped as a child on the show today.  russianroulette-usa

Russian Roulette – Anthony Horowitz