Northfield man arrested for burglary

A Northfield man and an Apple Valley man are charged with burglary after being found inside a rural Rice County home last Thursday.  According to the criminal complaint, a Wheatland Township resident came home to find a car in his driveway and a burglary in progress.  Police were called to the scene where they found a meth pipe in the vehicle.  36 year old Jeremy Thomas Rezac of Northfield and 23 year old Wyatt Jon Hostutler were found carrying items out of the home.  Rezac said he came to pick up Hostutler who had interrupted a burglary.  He told police that he got into a fight with the burglars who fled in a blue car.  Neither could explain why they were inside the home and why they were carrying items out.  Eventually police discovered several stolen items including 2 guns at Hostutler’s grandmother’s residence.  Rezac told police that he was trying to mentor Hostutler, Hostutler told police that Rezac wanted to buy the guns.  Hostutler is facing 3 counts of felony theft and remains in jail.  Rezac has been charged with 1 count felony theft, the maximum sentence for each is 10 years.  Both of them are well known to local law enforcement.

Dundas man found with 23 grams of meth

A Dundas man, who is also well known to law enforcement was arrested Saturday in Faribault with over 23 grams of methamphetamine.  Police were called to the Days Inn after management smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from one of their rooms.  20 year old Cody Jonathon Luiken and a woman were found in the room, which smelled of marijuana.  The woman said she’d smoked all of hers.  Luiken, however, had baggies of pot stashed throughout the room as well as the methamphetamine stashed between his buttocks.  The total amount of marijuana was 41 grams, officers found a scale, needles, pipes and some cash.  Luiken was charged with 2nd degree possession with a sentence of no less than 3 years up to 40 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $500,000.  He’s currently in the Rice County jail.

Baby it’s cold outside

With the double digit below zero temperatures, schools aren’t the only thing closed.  Epic Enterprise and Senior Dining at the Northfield Senior Center are closed.  The Senior Center is open for activities, just the senior dining is closed.  Rehearsals for all Northfield Youth Choirs are canceled.  All Red Cross offices in southern Minnesota are closed today.  Officials are warning folks to stay indoors, if you must go out, make sure you have a survival kit in your car with a charged cellphone and that your vehicle is in good working order and filled with gas.  Keep a check on elderly neighbors as well.  The last time schools were closed due to cold by a Minnesota Governor was 1996 when Arne Carlson closed schools as temperatures dropped to 30 below.  Northfield police report only having 1 weather related call.  Someone locked their keys in their running car outside of Casey’s.  On the upside, Emerald Ash Borer may not fare so well.  Be sure to check out Tim Freeland’s frozen video adventure on

Check your pipes!

With the cold temperatures comes the possibility of pipes freezing.  There’ve been a few reports in Northfield.  One thing to prevent frozen pipes is to keep your cabinet doors open to expose those pipes under your sink to the warmth of your home.  One thing we’ve always heard is to leave water trickling in the sink, however, one plumber says don’t do that as the water will then sit in a pipe and could freeze.  Make sure you know where the shut off valve is to your water so that once it warms up, the pipes don’t burst and flood your home.  We spoke with Welch Plumbing owner, Mark Welch for some advice on what to do and what NOT to do.

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