KeyMN Radio: Drama Mamas

In this episode, everyone has a really good attitude about doing the show, and therefore, it is a truly remarkable and excellent hour of radio. So please join DJ Fraggle Rock, A Grouchy Shawty, Professor Scatty McGroucherton, and Kev-E-Fly Nobody Cares, as they talk about important and compelling news items, are kind to one another, and never cross the line of good taste.

Hot topics from the week include 1.5 year anniversaries, and why they are important to celebrate–even if you are mad at your partner on said anniversary and you try to run him over with a car. Somewhat related– why a model that will do things the other girls won’t (all the odd stuff!) is more desirable.

Also, why a full on melee at a Chuck E Cheese’s restaurant is a totally acceptable thing.

Elsewhere, Mady live tweets the show, Chris continues to call for HELP!, Adam resurrects the history lesson, and everybody learns that they are “Drama Mamas” when they take a Cosmo quiz online.

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  • They’re Coming to Take Me Away by Napoleon XIV
  • You’re Not Good Enough by Blood Orange
  • Step by Danny Brown, Heems, Despot, and Vampire Weekend (kind of)
  • Teenage Spaceship by How to Dress Well

Tune into the KeYMN show every Saturday at 11 a.m, or check out the show archives.