Northfield man attacks family members

A Northfield man is in jail after viciously attacking his parents in their home.  28 year old Nicholas Steven Bolduc is charged with several counts of domestic abuse including 3rd degree assault with substantial bodily harm and domestic assault by strangulation, both felonies.  According to the criminal complaint, Bolduc’s blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit when he attacked his parents and left them on the floor of their home.  They were transported to the hospital for treatment and released.   Bolduc was also transported to the hospital (while in transport he asked if his parents were alive) and later taken to Hastings detox.  He doesn’t remember what happened.  He has a history of domestic assault and issues with alcohol.  He remains in the Rice County jail.

Northfield Lines bursting at their garage doors

Northfield Lines is bursting at their garage doors and soon will be heading north, well as far as Eagan.  President and CEO John Benjamin says there’s no firm date for the move however they are scheduled to close on February 6th.  They have work to do inside the building at Lone Oak Rd. and 35E before they move.  While they’re somewhat landlocked here, he says the move “was all based on savings”.  The savings in gas is considerable.  He says most of their motorcoach business is in the Twin Cities so those buses have to make round trips virtually empty.  That’s about 90 miles per bus.  Benjamin says those vehicles average about 7 miles per gallon.  He says he’s excited to start fresh in a 28,000 sq. ft building.  The shop in Northfield is pretty constrained and being able to park the vehicles inside will be a nice bonus.  Benjamin says about 12 full time employees will be moving to the Eagan location including sales, accounting, maintenance and cleaning staff.  He will maintain offices in both locations.  The 80 school buses will remain in Northfield and Jordan.  Most of the 44 motorcoaches will be stationed in Eagan.  John and his brother Larry took over Northfield Lines/ Benjamin Bus in 1989 with 6 motorcoaches and 33 school buses.

Northfield Area Climate Summit designed for the average person

Whether you believe it or not Climate Change affects everyone but the science behind it may be inaccessible to the average person.  The Northfield Area Climate Summit’s aim is to change that.  Special Reporter Solvejg Wastvedt talks with organizer Alan Anderson… [listen to the podcast below].  Meteorologist Paul Douglas is the Keynote Speaker, his talk entitled “Climate Change – Natural Cycle or Troubling Trend?” begins at 9:30am.  Paul will talk with Jeff Johnson Thursday morning at 8:45.

Nfld Council meets for work session

Northfield Council meets for a work session tonight at 7 o’clock.  They’ll discuss rules of business including topics such as conflict of interest and open meetings.  Also on the agenda is their 2014 Work Plan.  Mayor Graham has several major initiatives involving Northfield Youth and the future of the Mayor’s Streetscape Task Force may be evolving.  The meeting will be streamed live online at

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