In this episode, everyone but Kevin needs to be funnier, or so we’ve been told by a loyal listener. So please, yuck it up with Madeline Rose Brennan, DJ Muffin Top, Best Reds 2014, and someone that nobody cares about, as they talk about important things and play a delightfully eclectic mix of music.

Hot topics from the week include why people put things in places where they shouldn’t: like author Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife, who may or may not have put a gun someplace she shouldn’t have, and then pulled it on her current boyfriend; or an 18 year old man who is pretty much opening a storage unit inside himself.

Elsewhere, the 1960s teach us all a lot of history, everybody gets on the floor to do the New Kids dance, Adam wears his “Best Reds” to the show, Chris changes his Twitter name, Mady refuses to live tweet the show again, and the gang is surprised to do poorly on theĀ Cosmo quiz.


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  • Hangin’ Tough by New Kids on The Block
  • Dreams Come True Girl by Cass McCombs
  • Dinosaur by Ke$ha
  • Big Pain Tribute by Little Pain

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