Marguerite Moreau, female lead from Last Love Letter could win a million dollars

f4b00c2e647d52660394c7b7d8ef137fHere’s something fun.  I’m sure everyone heard that a movie was filmed in Northfield over the past two weeks.  If not see here. Well, prior to filming, the female lead Marguerite Moreau, along with a number of actors including Doris Roberts, filmed a commercial for the annual Superbowl Dorito’s commercial contest.  Turns out, they’re in the final 3!

I’m hoping we can come together and push them over the top.  It would be great to watch her during the Superbowl and I’m sure she’d split the million dollars with us…right?!?

You can vote once per day for just a few more days (ends Jan 31st).  You do have to sign up for a user name and password to enter. Have a look at the final commercials if anything else.  Marguerite’s is the “Swipe for Dotiro’s” which is parodying the popular dating app “Tinder”.


So you want to be an extra? Here are your instructions (UPDATE)

Image by Mickey Spaulding - Facebook

Image by Mickey Spaulding – Facebook

(UPDATE)  People are now being asked to show up starting at 7:30pm instead of 5:30. Please help spread the word on this adjustment.

You’ve certainly heard the rumors and have seen the big white trucks and “movie people” standing around downtown working on “The Last Love Letter” (working title). I wrote about the public call for people to join the filming crowd last week. We’ve received calls, emails and texts asking for more details about the whole process. Well, I tracked down Line-Producer Jillian Nodland on Thursday and compiled a list of answers to F.A.Q’s.

What/Where: Filming of “The Last Love Letter” exterior scenes for what the script is calling the “Christmas Fair” on Bridge Square, downtown Northfield.  Invitation is open to anyone who wants to hang out during filming and is open to being positioned and partake in various shots. (Inclusion is in no way guaranteed)

When: Here’s the tricky part and important to note. People are welcome to gather at any time starting around 7pm (Adjusted from 5:30 PM) on Friday and stay as long as they wish. If you’d like to come and go, that’s fine too.  There’s no checking it or out (except for the featured extras and you know who you are).  Filming could possibly continue all night long. That being said, if you want to come for a “late shift”, showing up in the late evening and stay longer into the morning, the crowds will certainly disperse and you’d have a better chance of being caught on film. Filming may go until sun-up.

What to wear:  Dress for the weather and feel free to show your Christmas cheer. Light necklaces, costumes or fun Santa hats welcome. If anything, wear red and green. And coming from a guy that loves Christmas, I’m so happy the spirit continues into January this year.

Food?:  You can bring your own. Girl Scouts will be selling hot cocoa and cookies during a period of time.  The “Save the Depot” gang will be selling S’mores.  See…pack a lunch. Call it a Midnight, January, Downtown Picnic.


  • Various acts will perform around bridge square from choral groups to a stand up comedian to onstage music.
  • The stand-up comedian is Jay Black, co-writer of the movie.
  • Jay Black and Brian Herzlinger recently released “Meet My Valentine” (2015).
  • Appearances are non-paid and by entering Bridge Square you agree to be filmed.
  • If you’d like, you can bring lawn chairs to sit up during longer waits.  You may be instructed to move chairs or shift around depending on the scene.
  • Restrooms will be open for public use inside the Aldsworth Building just west of the Neuger Building (Formerly Community Resource).

That’s it.  Send a message through this page’s “Contact” form if we’re missing anything.  Let’s all have some winter fun and represent Northfield y’all!

A Call for Extras – Film crew on KYMN this morning with annoucement

Brady SmithA number of the cast and crew from the upcoming movie entitled “The Last Love Letter” sat it on the Wayne Eddy Affair today at 10am. They announced that they will be replicating “Winter Walk” on Friday January 22nd 2016 around 5pm on Bridge Square in Northfield.  They’ll have props and their own stage where co-writer and actor Jay Black will be performing some stand-up comedy to entertain the crowd. Jay is currently the number one college stand-up comedian in the US.

This is your chance not just to show off our nostalgic downtown, but to gather your friends and family for what is to be a memorable evening of filming in Northfield. Since Winter Walk was so popular this year, they’ll need just as many people to be present during the scenes they shoot.

Be sure to dress accordingly and be ready to “hurry up and wait” as the filming process does take patience. They are currently on day six of shooting with five more days planned in this area.

Lead actors include the following:

Marguerite Moreau
Mike Faiola
Brady Smith

Listen to the interview HERE