Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I listen to the Minnesota Twins games online, through the KYMN website?

A: Unfortunately, we are prohibited by Major League Baseball to stream the game audio online.  You'll have to tune in on your radio.

Q: There is no arrow to click. What should I do?

A: When you first come to a KYMN web page there is text link to the audio files and/or KYMN stream.  Note that you have to wait about 3 seconds for the arrow to show up, but you should be able to simply click on the text link to start the player.   If you still can't listen please, please click here and tell us about what's happening so we can fix it.

Q: How do I download a show so I can burn a CD copy of it?

A: If your mouse allows, you should be able to right-click any audio file link and choose "Save As..." and just choose a location on your computer to which you can save the full file.  Then you can click and listen to it on your computer, email it, or burn to a CD.  Notice that it is in MP3 format and may not play in a standard CD player unless you convert it to a WAV format.  Because WAV's are so large, we are unable to offer that file format for download.  We also have a video that you can watch if you don't follow this explanation.  Just click here.