KeYMN Radio


Often referred to as the most charming show on the station’s programming line up, the KeYMN Saturday Morning Show is an eclectic delight, sponsored in part by the Northfield Union of Youth, an organization known to many as The Key. A weekly hour-long “variety show” of sorts, it is produced and co-hosted by Kevin Krein (known to his adoring public as Kev E Fly.) He first became involved with the show in 2008, when he was The Key’s Promisefellow.

The show has gone through many changes in the last five years. The current cast is made up of a laid back, energetic bunch of young people, both loosely and closely associated with The Key—including C-Goody, Professor Antsy Adams, The Mairinator, and A$AP Mady. Each week, the gang takes a look at hard hitting news, learns a little about history, plays a unique blend of hand-picked music, and then takes a brain busting quiz from Seventeen Magazine.