Today’s news update – Fire causes extensive damage – home unlivable; Local resident gets the okay to beautify park; Goods for Good and Bowls of Soup; Nfld Roundtable to discuss Hwy 3

Fire causes extensive damage – home unlivable A house fire on 2001Michigan Avenue caused extensive damage.  NAFRS was called out about 4 yesterday afternoon to report of a fire in a basement.  Assistant Fire chief, Jeff Mahacek said several firefighters were on scene before the engine arrived and they were able to get an attack […]

Today’s news update – 4/2 vote for LDC but battle may loom larger over City Charter vs State Statue; NAFRS taking over burn permits; Seniors recognized for City service

Seniors on Youth Council and Boards & Commissions

4/2 vote for LDC but battle may loom larger over City  Charter vs State Statue The Northfield Council voted 4 to 2 in favor of the Planning Commission’s recommended changes to the Land Development Code with Councilor Pownell’s amendments.  But the issue of our City Charter versus State Statute may run much deeper.  Council members […]

KYMN Account Executive Wanted

KYMN Radio is seeking to fill the position of Account Executive. This position requires dealing directly with clients to establish a tailored marketing campaign and requires advanced inter-personal, organizational, and writing skills. The successful candidate must be self motivated with the ability to work independently. An established account list will be provided, though establishing new […]

Today’s news update – Council controversy over Charter vs State; Hwy 246 and Jefferson gets some attention behind the scenes; Dundas will hold open house for new Public Works/Public Safety bldg; Sertoma Club names 2015 Service to Mankind award winner

Council controversy over Charter vs State The Northfield City Council will hold a special meeting at 7 o’clock.  On the regular agenda is the 2nd reading of the LDC. There’s continued disagreement among councilors and attorneys over whether the City Charter should be upheld which calls for a super majority to change an ordinance or […]

Community News: Sertoma Club 2015 gives Hayes Scriven Service to Mankind Award

Hayes headshot

Sertoma Club 2015 gives Hayes Scriven Service to Mankind Award The Northfield Sertoma Club has announced that Hayes Scriven, executive director of the Northfield Historical Society, will receive this year’s 2015 Service to Mankind Award — Sertoma’s top honor for non-members in recognition of exceptional community service. He received the award at Northfield Sertoma’s Club […]

Today’s news update – Library project within reach; BYR looking for donations for Goods for Good; Deputy Liebenstein remembered during Nat’l Law enforcement memorial week;

Library project within reach Northfield Library Director, Theresa Jensen said 2 weeks ago that the Library improvement project was on hold due to a substantial increase in the cost estimate from the January numbers.  She would not say how much that was, however, after meeting with the architectural team last Friday, she says they’ve brought […]

Today’s news update – “It’s just a matter of time” for body cams; Rice County water safety by the numbers; Const. zones to note; CAC Bridge out of Poverty

“It’s just a matter of time” for body cams That’s Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn talking about his department wearing body cameras.  They’ve tested 2 styles so far and are still in the testing phase.  He says the legislature has had plenty of ideas about body cams.  Senator Kevin Dahle, this morning said a bill […]

Today’s news update – A busy week for law enforcement; Recognizing those behind the street cops; Parking won’t be a problem at Police facility

CRDVOTF arrests 3 Three adults were arrested yesterday in a drug bust by the Faribault Police department.  The Cannon River Drug and Violent offender Task Force executed a search warrant at 2nd Avenue in Faribault.  According to Faribault Police Chief Andy Bohlen this was the result of months of investigation involving narcotics and sales coming […]