Today’s news update – Northfield man pleads guilty to killing family dogs during burglaries; 20-14 Budget amendment is just a “clean up”; Kasper benefit; Zoning and Planning meet tonight

Northfield man pleads guilty to killing family dogs during burglaries In May of 2013 Northfield police arrested 30 year old Matthew David Jensen on suspicion of burglary and killing family dogs.  According to court records, Jensen was charged with 9 felonies and 1 gross misdemeanor involving 1st and 2nd degree burglary, torture and mistreatment of […]

Today’s news update – Moreland accepts plea deal; Council approves 2015 Preliminary budget with expectations of change; Constitution Day event

Moreland accepts plea deal Rice County Attorney Paul Beaumaster was shocked when, during pre-trial discussion on Tuesday, 58 year old Michael Wayne Moreland chose to accept a plea agreement offered in the death of Kimberly Motzko.  That agreement is that the felony charge of criminal vehicular homicide/gross negligence is still out there but Moreland accepted […]

Today’s news update – Body cams not new to Northfield Officers; Chase results in rollover in Dundas; Bridgewater and Dundas discuss ARD; Council looks over preliminary budget tonight

Body cams not new to Northfield Officers Body cams aren’t new to the Northfield Police Department. Chief Monte Nelson says they’ve been testing various cameras for years.  He figured about 5 versions so far.  The problem is they are prone to breaking as is anything officers wear on their clothing.  Nelson says there’s good reason […]

Today’s news update – Haggenmiller’s first official memo as City Administrator

Nick Haggenmiller

City Administrator Nick Haggenmiller’s first Administrator Memo 9/12/14.  Click below to view:    Admin. Haggenmiller memo Listen for news updates on-air at 6, 7, 8, Noon, 3 and 5

Today’s news update – Legacy grant load on staff; The Tavern celebrates 30 years of “great food… at a fair price”; Library open house tonight; Upwards of 200 come out to congratulate Wayne Eddy

Legacy grant load on staff Once again a legacy park grant is available to Northfield and once again a decision must be made quickly – by September 26th.  The idea is to purchase more land for the Cannon River regional park.  Mayor pro tem Zweifel said council all agreed that the land was strategic but […]

Today’s news update – Two Faribault girls responsible for defacing grave markers; Northfield at the forefront of implementing Drug Court; Nfld Hospital expansion looking to the future

Two Faribault girls responsible for defacing grave markers Two young girls from Faribault are responsible for vandalizing grave markers at Maple Lawn Cemetery.  On Monday, Faribault police received a report of numerous markers being defaced with spray paint, some of them included a phone number.  Detectives contacted the person listed, a young boy.  He provided […]

Today’s news update – Tobacco ordinance will create level playing field; Northfield man going to rehab after guns for meth trade; Former Mpls Mayor to speak at Carleton; KYMN’s Jeff Johnson honored


Tobacco ordinance will create level playing field 9-11-14 news The Mayors Task Force on Youth Alcohol and drug use presented their findings of a possible tobacco and drug paraphernalia ordinance to the Northfield City Council.  Right now Downtown Tobacco has different criteria for operating their business than Tobacco Field on Hwy 3 does.  Police Chief […]

Today’s news update – Councilors express frustration over non-budget talk; Melchert-Dinkel still guilty; Nfld Hosp & Clinics expands

Councilors express frustration over non-budget talk The Northfield City Council met for a work session last night.   They received budget reports from several different City departments.  Councilor Ludescher expressed frustration with Staff  that the conversation was more on achievements and initiatives than anything about the actual budget.  Acting Mayor Pro Tem Zweifel added that […]