Community News: Letter to Nfld residents from Mayor Graham

Dana GrahamTo the residents of Northfield:

I recently announced that I will be running for a second term as mayor of Northfield. This was a very difficult decision. Four years ago, I freely made a promise to my wife that I would not seek re-election; this was a very important promise to her. So, I am breaking my promise to be able to continue doing something I enjoy. I also believe I am making a positive contribution to the betterment of Northfield. I want to apologize to her publicly and share that I will be working hard to earn her support. (more…)

Today’s news update – Nfld. Chief “very proud” of officers reaction to suicidal situation


A man threatening suicide was taken into protective custody late yesterday afternoon.  Just before 5 o’clock a call went out to Dakota County.  They were able to ping his cell phone and he was located in Waterford Township at the Old Bridge off Canada Avenue.  Northfield Police were asked to respond.  Police Chief Monte Nelson said a Sgt. and officer arrived to find the man armed with a knife and threatening.  They tased the 33 year old as Dakota County Sheriff’s deputies and emergency vehicles arrived on scene.  Nelson said he was very proud of his officers for the fantastic job they did.  He added that the situation could have turned out very differently.  The unidentified man is being held for evaluation.  

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Today’s news update – Charter Chair hangs it up; A new high school? A new elementary?; Paid family leave passes Senate; Sales, dogs and goods!


Charter Chair “embarrassed” by current majority of councilors

Charter Commission Chair Tim Clack announced his resignation calling Council behavior an “embarrassment”.  Clack was attacked by some members of the Northfield City Council in October when he attempted to open lines of communication between the two entities.  The Charter could best be defined as the City’s constitution and can be more restrictive than State statutes.  All of this comes to bear as Clack offered the Commission’s opinion whether a 5/7 vote was required to pass a revision to the LDC when the State says it only needs a 4/3 vote.  He told Council at that work session that he wanted them to come to the Charter whenever they struggled with issues like that and he wanted to know that the Charter Commission’s had some sort of value to the Council. (more…)

Today’s news update – Underdahl says hospital is “very committed” to being an independent organization; CROCT gets okay for power tools; St. Olaf continues to take input on sexual assault policies; Carleton receives multi-million dollar gift


Underdahl says hospital is “very committed” to being an independent organization

Mayor Dana Graham, Administrator Ben Martig and Northfield Hospital CEO Steve Underdahl met this week to discuss concerns the Mayor brought up when the Hospital Board made mention of moving away from the City and becoming an independent non-profit.  THAT discussion took place due to recent changes to accounting rules that meant a nearly $30 million hit to the hospital’s balance sheet.  Underdahl gives the cliff notes version of GASB68 saying because they participate in PERA (as a municipal hospital) this rule said if there’s any gap between what PERA has as assets and what they might have to pay out at any given moment, that amount has to be reflected on the books of the individual organizations not on the pension itself.  Which is how it HAD been.  There were several concerns the Board and Underdahl had.  In the last weeks, they’ve learned much more about the implications of those changes and he’s not so “wigged out” now.  If the hospital became a 501c3, they would no longer participate in (more…)

Community News: Charter Chair resigns calling Council behavior an “embarrassment”

Northfield Charter Commission Chair Tim Clack resigns

In a letter to the City and copied to the media, Clack explains…

To:      City of Northfield, C/O Mayor Dana Graham

From: Tim Clack, Charter Commission Chair

To the Citizens of Northfield:

Recently, I have spent a large amount of time reflecting on the last 2 years I have spent serving our City on the Charter Commission. During this time, I have witnessed certain City Councilors completely disregard terms of our Charter, verbally attack Commissioners representing our Charter, and continually show a complete lack of respect to our City Ordinance. Yes, our Charter is an Ordinance. In addition, the ongoing behavior of our Council continues to diminish and portrays Northfield as an embarrassment. Even while having no direct role in this behavior, I’m ashamed to say I’m engaged in anything related to the City of Northfield governmental functions. I’m quite sure I’m not the only Staffer, Commissioner, or Committee member that feels this way, but most likely, I’ll be the only one brave enough to stand up and say so, publicly. (more…)

Community News: Carleton announces $20 mil gift

Northfield, Minn.—A gift of $20 million from Barbara ’70 and Wally ’70 Weitz and family—including children Katie ’96, Roger ’99 and his wife Kate, and Drew ’02 and his wife Meredith ‘02— will make possible a music performance commons addition to the Weitz Center for Creativity.

The planned music addition will house the music program and create a new performance space of high acoustic