Community News: More pics of our power

The berm completed.  That box is responsible for the power to a full block of Division Street that includes KYMN studios, the Archer House, The Tavern and the Contented Cow…  The inner workings are higher up inside the box.

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Community News: Northfield Emergency Mgmt Team gives update

Dana GrahamThe Emergency Management Team met at 1:30 this afternoon.  Mayor Graham said this on his Facebook page at 2:30:  We should know in the next 6-12 hours when we can expect to crest. But, with another inch of rain forecasted for tomorrow night, it can change. The fact is that the river will stay high for a while. Our storage areas are full and they will eventually empty back into the river. Thank you to all the volunteers who came out, and continue to come out, to help.  The City has cancelled the River Walk Market Fair tomorrow.  The DNR reports the Cannon, Straight, Zumbro, Whitewater and Root rivers are flowing at dangerous levels and need to be avoided.

Today’s news update – The Cannon remains on the rise; Taxing Authority could be a plus for Northfield, a negative for Rural; A flea market find leads to a new tree


The Cannon remains on the rise

The Cannon River in Northfield has risen nearly 7 feet since Wednesday according to gauges used by the USGS. It’s at 900 feet above sea level.  Normal levels are generally 10 feet below that.  It has gone over the wall on the west side, and while officials say it’s not technically over the wall on the east side, it’s at the electrical box behind the Archer House.  Mayor Dana Graham said they met with Xcel Energy who have said they will not turn off the power.  In the 2010 flood the river was over 907 feet and Xcel shut off the power to the entire block from KYMN studios to Larsons. The City and business owners built a berm around the box.  This morning business owners, Chuck Pryor and (more…)