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Today’s news update – Hotel project takes another step forward; First Nat’l Bank to close downtown mobile banking; Reppe looks to turn Armory into a “commercial condo”

May 5, 2016


Hotel project takes another step forward

The Northfield Council voted 6 to 1 in favor of directing City Staff to develop a business subsidy agreement with Rebound Enterprises for the development of an 80 unit Fairfield Inn at The Crossings at Hwy 3 and 2nd street.  Mayor Graham told KYMN that, “the bottom line, I think councilors were satisfied that this is a good project, that it’s good for Northfield, that it’s the highest and best use possible for that space”.  During their meeting with the EDA, Steven Bubul, bond counsel for Kennedy & Graven, who was part of the original project in 2005, said (more…)

Today’s news update – ECRT (trail) gets the green light; A first filled with recognitions, Council work session and meeting; Fossum comments on drug sentencing reform

May 4, 2016


ECRT (trail) gets the green light

The E. Cannon River trail was green-lighted by Northfield Council last night.  The controversial trail has been on and off Council agendas a number of times but, last night the Council worked through 4 items related to it including a cooperative agreement with Dundas.  Northfield will “loan” Dundas the money for their share of the 2.6 mile trail.  1.8 miles will be new paved asphalt and .8 will run along Dundas city streets.  The lowest bidder for the asphalt surface was Crane Creek of Faribault for $619,579.62.  Votes were 6 to 1 and 5 to 2 in favor with Councilors Ludescher and DeLong voting no on different points.  Ludescher maintained that the City is acting illegally by “loaning” money to Dundas and the preemptive cutting down of trees in the wetland area before threatened bats could nest. (more…)

Community News: Northfield City and Volunteer recognition 5/3/16

May 4, 2016

The Northfield City Hall Chambers was filled with family, friends and well wishers of a number of City employees and volunteers who were recognized at a reception and program before the Council meeting Tuesday evening.  Below is a list of all those recognized.

1 – 2016 Employee and Volunteer Recognition Program


Today’s news update – Federal lawsuit filed against Carleton College; 6 get stung in Sex-Trafficking case; Staff and volunteer recognition, EDA work session and Fireworks; Northfield Rescue gears up for fundraising efforts

May 3, 2016


Federal lawsuit filed against Carleton College – UPDATED at 4:40pm with Release from Director of Media Relations Eric Sieger.  See below

A recent Carleton College graduate filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against the college.  The victim alleges she was raped twice and the college’s treatment of her caused even more trauma.  In the 49 page lawsuit, filed under Title IX, it’s alleged that Carleton College continued to harm the woman by placing the burden on her to “get over the rapes, act as if nothing happened, and focus on her studies instead”, without offering her the help, services or accommodations she was entitled to.  Neither men, identified as Student One and Student Two, were suspended or expelled.   (more…)

Today’s news update – School Board discusses “expulsion abeyance”; Rebound asks for additional $ for multi-million dollar hotel project; Warm temps mean burglaries heat up too

May 2, 2016


School Board discusses “expulsion abeyance”

Discipline in the schools has been spotlighted all over the State including Northfield’s administration.  Superintendent Dr. Richardson said after meetings with teachers, parents and more, they presented proposed changes to the Board last week including changes to the language defining a firearm and searching student vehicles in the parking lot.  They also looked at expellable offenses.  In the past there have been 2 options; take them through the process and expel them or they could withdraw from school and go somewhere else. (more…)


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