Today’s news update – Council trips on sidewalks for Woodley; Candidate interviews and information; Dundas voting could take time

WELCOME! It appears you are new to our site. We hope you LIKE us on Facebook to get local breaking news and maybe a few online giveaways! Get to Facebook HERECouncil trips on sidewalks for Woodley Woodley street between Division and Prairie has been in need of repair for some time.  It’s also a county […]

Morning Show – Rice County Attorney G. Paul Beaumaster 10/29/14


KYMN’s Jeff Johnson interviews Rice County Attorney, G. Paul Beaumaster 10/29/14 for his re-election campaign.  To find more local candidate interviews, enter the candidate name in the Search tab   To listen to the full interview click below: beaumaster102914

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Mayor Dana Graham 10/29/14

Jeff Johnson speaks with Mayor Dana Graham after last nights Northfield Council work session concerning Utility Rates, Meadows Park, Woodley St. reclamation and the LDC.  Listen to the full interview…

Today’s news update – Assault by bodily fluids; Local FFA to compete nationally and 7 awarded highest honor; Council loads their plate for work session

Assault by bodily fluids A Northfield man is charged with two counts of felony assault against police officers.  On Thursday evening, after the Police facility Open House, officers were called to the 500 block of Division street on report of a fight.  When officer Feldhake arrived he was told the man had taken off toward […]

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Dundas City Adm John McCarthy 10/28/14

Jeff Johnson speaks with John McCarthy after last nights Dundas City Council Meeting, they discuss the agenda and other topics. Listen to the full interview….

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Dr. L. Chris Richardson 10/28/14

Dr. Richardson talks with Jeff Johnson about topics from last nights School Board Meeting. Listen to the full interview….

Today’s news update – UPDATED: Dennison Clerk charged with theft

UPDATED: Dennison Clerk charged with theft Sources for KYMN had been indicating for months that a Clerk for the cities of Dennison and Randolph had been stealing money from Dennison coffers.  That was confirmed this week when Goodhue County filed a criminal complaint on Monday against 58 year old Sheila Ekstrom of Randolph.  In April […]

Today’s news update – College party break up delivers a dozen citations; Motorcyclist dies in single vehicle crash; Dennison Clerk charged with theft; Fire and Ice; MONEY magazine touts Northfield for retirement

College party break up delivers a dozen citations Northfield Police wrote out a dozen citations Friday night after busting up a party on Greenvale Avenue.  The citations included underage drinking, social host ordinance and noise.  No one was arrested.   A college party gone awry near Lashbrook Park. Motorcyclist dies in single vehicle crash A […]