Today’s news update – Northfield man busted with 22 pounds of pot; Dundas welcoming artisanal cheese factory; Planning Commission considers code changes for solar farm; Save the Depot announces $10,000 match

WELCOME! It appears you are new to our site. We hope you LIKE us on Facebook to get local breaking news and maybe a few online giveaways! Get to Facebook HERENorthfield man busted with 22 pounds of pot A Northfield man is accused of growing and selling marijuana.  The Cannon River Drug and Violent Offender […]

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Representative David Bly 3/25/15

Jeff Johnson speaks with State Rep. David Bly (District 2oB), regarding last weeks  Legislative Session.

Beyond the Open Mic 3/24/15

Beyond the open mic is intended to open dialogue about the process and the processors in City Hall; Elected Officials, City Staff, citizen and others.  Your hosts are Donovan McGee and Victor Summa. Opinions expressed are solely those of the hosts and not necessarily those of KYMN.  To contact Victor or Don you can email […]

Wayne Eddy Affair | Doug Hennes

Doug Hennes is a Vice President at the University of St. Thomas and has recently written a book on one of it’s greatest benefactors, I. A. O’Shaughnessy.

Today’s news update – Bridgewater Township receives large grant for flood mitigation; NAFRS wants to replace main firetruck ASAP; 10 year old to get Citizen citation for heroic efforts

Bridgewater Township receives large grant for flood mitigation After studying the Spring Creek watershed in relation to flooding, Bridgewater Township has recently been awarded another grant for projects to mitigate the problem.  Former Bridgewater Supervisor and quasi project manager, Glen Castore said they have 5 projects in mind.  The largest is a 10 acre holding […]

‘Pharmacy & Women’s History’ on Community Pharmacist Conversations with Jessica Astrup, March 24, 2015

Pharmacist Jessica Astrup explores the history of women pioneers in the field pharmacy this Women’s History Month.  Follow Jessica every Tuesday at 11AM for a new topic related to your town, your family, and your pharmacy.  _ Join the conversation! Ask Jessica and have your questions answered on air. Listen to the full program below: CPC Women’s History Month

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Save the Depot’s Lynn Vincent and Clark Webster 3/24/15

Jeff Johnson speaks with Save the Depot Co-chair, Lynn Vincent and Treasurer, Clark Webster on the latest report on the project!  

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Dundas City Adm John McCarthy 3/24/15

Jeff Johnson speaks with John McCarthy after last nights Dundas City Council Meeting, they discuss the agenda and other topics. Listen to the full interview….