Today’s news update – Twenty-five years later, Sheriff’s Dept. ok’d for more personnel; Two are jailed after suspicious vehicle report; Nfld Schools see highs and lows of “World’s Best Workforce”;


Twenty-five years later, Sheriff’s Dept. ok’d for more personnel

The Rice County Sheriff’s department is growing.  After over 25 years, Rice County Commissioners voted to allocate dollars to add law enforcement staff next year.  Sheriff Troy Dunn said population has increased, calls for service have increased and they’ve seen a significant rise in Child Protection services.  They’ll add an Investigator to help with that and 2 Patrol Officers which will allow them to have 2 deputies on 24 hours a day.  Dunn said, “when you have one officer working and you have a major crash or domestic, you don’t want to be sending in one officer”.  By adding these extra people, Dunn, says (more…)

15 with the Author | ‘Let Me Out -‘ by Peter Himmelman 12/5/16

letmeoutHave you packed your dreams in a trunk and put them in the attic of childhood?  On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight talks with Peter Himmelman, the award-winning, Emmy and Grammy-nominated Minnesota musician.  But at 52, Peter was forced to reinvent himself after the industry hit hard times.  In his new book “Let Me Out – Unlock your creative mind and bring your ideas to Life”, he shares with us how we can unlock our minds to allow OUR dreams to come to life.  Peter talks about his own creative challenges, getting past our past and what he calls Brain Bottle Openers.  You’ll also hear a sample of his new music, “Impermanent Things”.    “Let Me Out” is filled with practical tips and bite size exercises to unleash ourselves from our fears – heara what Peter says is the single most important thing we can do today?

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