Community News Alert: Recent Thefts from Motor Vehicles and Burglaries

Recent Thefts from Motor Vehicles and Burglaries

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The Northfield Police Department would like to notify residents of recent Thefts from Motor Vehicles and Burglaries in Northfield.

In the last the last three weeks, the Northfield Police Department has received numerous reports of thefts from motor vehicle, tampering with motor vehicles, and burglaries of residences. There have been approximately seven burglaries and six thefts from motor vehicle reports. The incidents have occurred all over the city at various times of the day and/or night. (more…)

Beyond the Open Mic 6/28/16

Don McGee and Victor Summa

Don McGee and Victor Summa

Beyond the open mic is intended to open dialogue about the process and the processors in City Hall; Elected Officials, City Staff, citizen and others.  Your hosts are Donovan McGee and Victor Summa. Opinions expressed are solely those of the hosts and not necessarily those of KYMN.  To contact Victor or Don you can email them at

Vic and Don discuss Fargaze Meadows and the interview Dave DeLong and Erica Zweifel had with Wayne Eddy, David Ludescher’s memo to Ben Martig on the Hotel Project and the Liquor Store

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 BTOM 6-28-16

Today’s news update – Butler speaks his piece as Council ponders noise ordinance; Beyond the Open Mic discuss the hotel project; Will County Road 1 be lowered?


Butler speaks his piece as Council ponders noise ordinance

As the City of Northfield ponders an “Unlawful Noise Ordinance”, Norman Butler, owner of The Contented Cow, spoke up at the Open Mic during last week’s Council meeting. He took issue with the number of times The Cow and his name were mentioned during the council’s work session 2 weeks ago.  Other outdoor venues were mentioned 1 to 3 times, his was 15.  He said that it was disingenuous, “to declare that this proposed ordinance is not targeted at The Cow”.  While there have been complaints through the years, Butler noted that Police Chief Monte Nelson said the decibel levels of live music from The Contented Cow do not exceed permitted levels. (more…)