‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Representative David Bly discusses passenger rail 12/18/14

WELCOME! It appears you are new to our site. We hope you LIKE us on Facebook to get local breaking news and maybe a few online giveaways! Get to Facebook HERE Jeff Johnson speaks with State Rep. David Bly (District 2oB), regarding passenger rail service in Northfield.  He mentioned after the show that dollars for […]

Morning Show – Rice County Attorney G. Paul Beaumaster 12/18/14

KYMN’s Jeff Johnson interviews Rice County Attorney, G. Paul Beaumaster 12/18/14 about a grant, the Moreland case and the man who shot a dog while hunting click below to listen to interview:   beaumaster121814

Community News: Nfld. Hospital, long term care center limit visitors due to flu

Dec. 16, 2014 From: Scott Richardson, Director of Community Relations, Northfield Hospital & Clinics Re: Northfield Hospital restricts visiting hours Northfield Hospital, long term care center limit visitors due to flu Northfield Hospital and its Long Term Care Center are asking visitors to stay home as a precautionary measure if they have any flu-like symptoms. […]

Today’s news update – Rice County sets levy at 5.65%; A Solar Garden to be planted in Nfld; Free bikes program gives 100 bikes to area children in need

Rice County sets levy at 5.65% Rice County Commissioners set the preliminary levy at 5.65%.  At that time Commissioner Malecha said no one advocates to raise taxes but there’s a definite need.  And raise them they did.  Yesterday morning the Rice County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the levy at 5.65%.  Malecha explained that they’ve […]

Wayne Eddy Affair | Ann Simon

Ninety year old Ann Simon talks about her life growing up in the Lonsdale area.

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | NACS founders Erica Zweifel and Mary Jo Cristofaro 12/17/14

Solar Garden

Jeff Johnson speaks with Erica Zweifel and Mary Jo Cristofaro on the Solar Garden coming to Northfield.  They are co-founders of Northfield Area Community Solar and will be selling subscriptions to solar energy.  Minnesota Community Solar/Northfield   Learn more by listening to the full interview below: 

Community News: Farm and Ranch management for Women


Annie’s is Risk Management training for farm and ranch women and run over a course of six weeks.  This national program connects women with a passion for agriculture (of ALL kinds) and helps them develop a strong, well-rounded understanding of their farm and the agriculture industry. University of Minnesota Extension is proud to be a […]

Today’s news update – Nfld School offering $500 reward; Nfld man accused of felony domestic assault; NRC receives grant $ for training course; Lamperts accepting coats

Nfld School offering $500 reward At a special meeting held yesterday afternoon, the Northfield School Board approved a reward policy in response to the vandalism at the Northfield High School the weekend of December 6th  They then approved a $500.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible.  Superintendent Dr. […]