Special Guests with Act on Alzheimer’s on today’s Community Pharmacist Conversations

This week’s Community Pharmacist Conversations features very special guests, Patricia Vincent, and Jayne Hager Dee with ‘Act on Alzheimer’s’.  Listen to today’s show to discover more a bout what our local community is doing to support those with, and those who care for loved ones with memory loss. Listen to the full show in the link below:

Act on Alzheimer’s ‘Community Pharmacist Conversations’

Lot’s of questions coming in regarding the Medicare enrollment process. If your or a loved one would like to look at plan options please feel free to contact Jessica, or Shari at Sterling Pharmacy at 507-645-4455.

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Today’s news update – Levy options narrowed; Northfield DWI’s are up; Northfield man gets obstruction charge added after resisting arrest

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Levy options narrowed

The Northfield City Council discussed the budget, levy, CEP and CIP last night.  Finance Director Melanie Lammers laid out the Capital Improvement Plan, which is simply a planning tool.  They had 4 levy options but Mayor Graham wanted that narrowed to 2 for next week’s vote.  That meant a discussion on possible projects.  A project is approved only when it makes it to the Operating budget.  Currently there are 10 projects up for approval including a possible traffic light at Hwy 246 and Jefferson Pkwy.  The School district would like to see something done.  Working with MnDot is a challenge as they say there’s only 2 peak times during the day when  there’s enough to warrant any change in the intersection.  They discussed the City paying for a traffic light.  Mayor Graham added that, with the possible rerouting of the Mill Towns Trail, there could be added pedestrian and bike traffic there.  MnDot did agree to place school zone traffic signs in the area but no one felt that was enough.  To get any action going, the City has to do another engineering study of the area.  Other projects up for consideration Hwy 3 from Greenvale to Fremouw and at 3rd street.   The Council narrowed the levy options to 2 both at 2%.  One of them is with funding the EDA at $36,000 and the other is without.  They’re looking at hiring an EDA Coordinator.  Right now the EDA pays for 20% of Community Development Director Chris Heineman’s salary.  There’s discussion to change that as well.  A vote on the levy is on next week’s agenda.

Northfield DWI’s are up

As the State starts their enhanced DWI enforcement today, Northfield Police Sgt. Kevin Tussing said, while the dollars dried up for Smart Ride home vouchers, TZD’s Kathy Cooper has been working with bars and restaurants.  In Northfield Joe Grundhoeffer, owner of The Rueb N Stein, purchased some vouchers last week.  His is the first establishment in Northfield to make that purchase for his staff to hand out to people who obviously need it and/or can’t afford a safe ride home.  Previously the funds came from DWI forfeitures, College City Beverage and grants.  Tussing said, traditionally the Thanksgiving holiday sees some of the most DWI arrests and alcohol related crashes. DWI’s have gone up.  So far in 2015 there have been 55.  In 2014 there was a total of 39.  But the crashes are less. Tussing said it’s hard to say why the arrests go up except for enhanced enforcement.  He doesn’t believe there are more impaired drivers, there are less.  In his over 20 years of law enforcement, the DWI numbers overall have dropped considerably.  He credits media attention, increased enforcement and the public who’ve listened.  He also applauded local establishments who train their staff on over serving.  Enhanced enforcement runs through January 2nd.

Northfield man gets obstruction charge added after resisting arrest

A Northfield man, well known to law enforcement, is in jail again.  28 year old Curtis Adam Heckers is charged with 4th degree dui, open container, fleeing by foot and obstructing the legal process.  Deputy Chief Mark Dukatz.  Heckers was upset about being arrested and tried to pick a fight with the arresting officer.  His next court appearance is December 7th.  He’s currently in the Rice County jail.

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