Today’s news update – Update on Elizabeth Calderara

9972ce8bb16ce98c95fbe86867c941a9The woman involved in the fatal crash in Randolph, officially died late last night.  26 year old Elizabeth Calderara of Cannon Falls was an organ donor.  Her mother, Suzanne Brantly posted on Facebook today that “her heart is still beating and she is still on a ventilator in order to keep her heart and organs alive until the surgeons of the organ recipients are able to arrive. Because her brain stopped before her heart, she will be able to gift her whole heart to someone in need instead of just her heart valves. Most likely it will be later this evening when that happens”. Also killed in the crash were Elizabeth’s husband, 31 year old Jason, 1 year old daughter Melody and her 35 week old male fetus, Hawk.  Jason’s son, 9 year old Nicholas of Willmar, has been upgraded to fair condition.  Link to yesterday’s full story

Here is the link to a crowdfunding page for the family:

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Today’s news update – Northfield home raided, 2 children taken into Protective Custody; Northfield Animal ordinance abolished as Staff craft another; NHS welcomes Congdon expert


Northfield home raided, 2 children taken into Protective Custody

Two children were placed into protective custody after a Northfield man’s home was raided.  The Cannon Valley Drug and Violent Offender Task Force raided the home on Johnson Court early Tuesday morning.  29 year old Dustin Martin Eugene Anderson told agents that whatever they found in the home was his.  Within reach of 2 minor children, agents found methamphetamine (more…)

Today’s news update – Woman severely injured in fatal crash “won’t survive”; Farmington man accused of stealing car from Dokmo lot; Council postpones Noise Ordinance decision; Northfield EDA gets presentation on Retail Development Strategy


Woman severely injured in fatal crash “won’t survive”

The mother of Elizabeth Calderara, says her daughter won’t survive.  Calderara was involved in the fatal crash that killed her husband, Jason and daughter, Melody on Monday.  Suzanne Brantly posted an update on her facebook page saying that, Betsy, as she calls her, suffered signifant brain and spinal injury and the medical team has done all they can.  She also lost her 35 week old male fetus and they will remove her from life support after family members are able (more…)

Community News: Distracted Driving Simulator offered at Rice County Fair

TZD 2The Rice County Safe Roads Coalition and partners are bringing the Distracted Driving Simulator to the Rice County Fair.

Distracted driving is NOT just texting. Learn about the dangers and consequences of texting and driving as well as other distractions first hand with the Distracted Driving simulator.  Get times and more information below:

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