15 with the Author | ‘Conversion’ by Katherine Howe 8/25/14


WELCOME! It appears you are new to our site. We hope you LIKE us on Facebook to get local breaking news and maybe a few online giveaways! Get to Facebook HERETeri Knight welcomes Katherine Howe on today’s 15 with the Author.  Howe is a best-selling author whose latest book, “Conversion” weaves together the true story […]

Today’s news update – Hwy 19 becomes tar pit – Attorney General getting involved; New City Admin shadows Madigan as he prepares to retire; PEHS changing focus as they officially open in Northfield

Hwy 19 becomes tar pit – Attorney General getting involved If you traveled Hwy 19 between Hwy 3 and I-35 this weekend you’re likely none too pleased with MnDot.  Facebook postings of complaints about black tar marks covering cars nearly outpaced Ice bucket challenge videos.  Streets and Parks Supervisor TJ Heinricy explained that MnDot was […]

DJJD Horse Shoe Hunt 2014 – Clue One

The letters that make up the name of the hiding spot have been scrambled and you will be given 3 letters of the puzzle through a clue each day. The clues will lead you to locations downtown where you must walk to the cipher near the particular location and gather a particular letter as instructed […]

Today’s news update – Executive Director exits NDDC; Northfield Hospital on Orange Alert after vehicle rollover; The Hunt is on… on Monday

Executive Director exits NDDC Ross Currier tendered his resignation as Executive Director of the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation.  He’s taken another position as the Community Development Program Officer at the Minnesota Housing Partnership.  He was unavailable for a comment. But on the NDDC website he referenced the uncertainty of the organization.  When asked about the […]

Wayne Eddy Affair | Erling Kindem

Frequent guest Erling Kindem stops by to talk about being featured, along with his 3-year-old neighbor, Emmett Rychner, on KARE-11TV, a spot that has garnered attention from around the world.

Wayne Eddy Affair | Brian Randolph

Brian Randolph is a 1997 grad of Northfield High School and brings us up to date in his life since then.

8/21/14 Northfield Planning Commission 7pm (LIVE)CANCELLED

Today’s news update – 16 sustain injuries in a single vehicle rollover near Dennison

16 sustain injuries in a single vehicle rollover near Dennison A single vehicle rollover near Dennison yesterday afternoon had Northfield Hospital on Orange alert for nearly 3 hours.  Goodhue County deputies were called to report of a rollover at 350th street and 10th avenue in Warsaw Township just after 1pm yesterday.  While the report is […]