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“Hiccup” changes NAFRS design; Fairfield Inn update – they’re making progress; Hillmann says the community “gave us very clear feedback” regarding bond referendum

November 17, 2017

A “last minute hiccup” from Mn Dot means changes for the design of the entrances for the NAFRS (Northfield Area Fire and Rescue Service) building from Hwy 3.  Since about 1996 there has been a drive over curb off Hwy 3 near 5th street that MnDot put in when they redid the road.  During this week’s NAFRS Joint Powers Board meeting, Architect Dave Medin said 3 months ago, “we inquired about putting pavers in the area to dress the gravel a little bit and MnDot, after a month and a half, came back and said we never would’ve allowed that drive over curb and no you can’t”.  That started a chain reaction of changes to the design in (more…)

Nfld man charged with child porn after months of investigation; Downtown intersections to be studied; PEHS – dine and donate

November 16, 2017

A Northfield man has been charged with 2 felony counts of possessing child porn and solicitation of a minor.  In July of 2016, Northfield Police received an email from someone reporting that her ex-friend, 23 year old Dylan Moses Berg, told her he gets underage girls to send him explicit photographs.  The woman confirmed with police that Berg sent her Facebook messages with the pictures and admitted to being a predator.  Officers located him at a residence on Jefferson Drive.  Berg told them he identifies as transgender and goes by a fictitious girls name on social media, sending explicit “selfies” of someone else to lure the girls.  After a (more…)

Parking a priority issue during 2018 Nfld Street improvement hearing; State of the City of Dundas – good!; Kettle Campaign kicks off Friday

November 15, 2017

Voices were heard last night as a number of the public, mostly business owners, attended the Improvement Hearing on Northfield’s plans for reconstruction of Division Street between 6th and 7th and Water Street from 7th to Washington.  Over 2 dozen people were in Council Chambers.  Nine spoke, 2 in favor of the current design which eliminates 27 parking spaces while calling for curb extensions aka bumpouts, landscaping and a raised intersection.  The majority of speakers want to keep as much parking as possible, some were concerned that the bumpouts, which narrow the road at intersections, were hazardous to bicyclists, several (more…)

HCI awarded Bush Prize; Nfld students shine on a national scale; Council holds improvement hearing on 2018 Street projects, talks levy; New Climate Show – “a path of discovery”

November 14, 2017

Northfield Healthy Community Initiative, was awarded $200,000.  It is one of seven regional winners of the annual Bush Prize for Community Innovation.  There were 127 applicants from Minnesota and the Dakotas. The Bush Prize celebrates organizations that are extraordinary not only in what they do but in how they do it. As models of true problem solving, they work inclusively, in partnership with others, to make their communities better for all. Winners receive a package of recognition, including a flexible grant of 25 percent of the organization’s last fiscal year budget, hence the $200,000.  The programs HCI supports are numerous (more…)

Cattle rustler not complying; Area construction updates; Speak your piece on parking;

November 13, 2017

Cattle rustling.  That was the charge.  Rice County Attorney John Fossum said, “it sounds kind of funny and outdated but really it means you take livestock that belongs to somebody else and sell it, which is what he did”.  Fossum said 43 year old Paul Seeman was convicted early last year of taking animals he did not own and selling them at a slaughterhouse. Seeman was renting grazing land to the owner of the animals, and when the two had a dispute about rent, in 2015 Seeman sold the animals rather than resolve the dispute through legal means.  He has not complied with the conditions of his probation.  There’s a hearing coming up December 6th.  Fossum’s recommendation is prison.  He already had over 2 dozen other charges against him including racketeering, perjury and receiving (more…)


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