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Valentine’s Day winners

February 14, 2017

Congratulations to our Valentine’s Day Giveaway winners:  Shari Erickson, Jason Lemke and Linda Tollefson and special 4th prize winner, Charlene Hamblin!  They won gift certificates to Ole Store, Blue Sage Day Spa, Russell Stover Chocolates, Anna’s Closet and Forget Me Not florist.  Ranchero Supper Club

Thank you to all our listeners and, of course, our wonderful sponsors!

Voices of caution on Hwy 246 & Jeff pkwy improvements; NH&C Spethmann responds to Citizens concern over possible changes to their Skilled Nursing Facility; Top Secret Project – decoding the teen’s domain

February 13, 2017

For years, safety concerns have plagued the intersection at Hwy 246 and Jefferson Pkwy in Northfield.  In December SEH consultant, Tom Sohrweide, held a public meeting and recommended a single lane roundabout.  Community members Betsey Buckheit and Will Schroeer attended that meeting and don’t believe his proposal about adequately addresses crossing safety particularly for kids and older adults.  Schroeer said, “City Administrator Ben Martig as part of that open house invited everybody in (more…)

Ice condition warning from Sheriff Troy Dunn

February 10, 2017

 FOR IMMEIDATE RELEASE:  (February 10, 2017)

Because of the unseasonably warm weather and deteriorating ice conditions, the Rice County Sheriff’s Office is again advising people to not drive cars and trucks on the lakes in Rice County.

Since January 20th, we’ve had at least three vehicles break through the ice.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.  Remember, even if someone reports an incident where somebody goes through the ice, it will take emergency (more…)

Victim and/or Suspect? in Massage parlor case; Bly encourages constituents to “be involved”; Downstream Film Series showcases local filmmakers

February 10, 2017

Several citizens alerted the Northfield Police Department to possible illegal activity at Mystic Massage.  Chief Monte Nelson said his investigators did additional digging and found some other concerning information that he was not able to go into.  The investigation went on for several months.  This isn’t a typical issue for Northfield, Nelson said they received assistance from the BCA’s Predatory Crimes Unit who deal with prostitution and human trafficking.  Nelson added, “even if we do them all the time, they’re still a difficult crime to investigate because you do have to be careful about how you do it and still create a prosecutable case”.  Zuqiu Chen was arrested on Promotion of Prostitution charges.  His bail is $200,000 with conditions.  It’s high bail due to a possible flight risk. (more…)

Save a cat, don’t feed the wildlife; Sidewalks main topic of street reclamation; Carleton Convocation welcomes mental health advocate

February 9, 2017

Hide your cats, coyotes are on the loose in town.  Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson said in the last week, the coyotes are so bold as to come up on people’s decks.   He talked with a wildlife expert who said it’s extremely likely the reason these animals are so prevalent in town, and especially losing their fear of people, is because they’re associating food with people and with their homes.  He said, “if someone’s purposely feeding a coyote or a fox or (more…)