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Lewis comments on medical marijuana; Grass roots organization holds town hall; LWV sponsors Health Care Forum; Lotta liquor decisions at Council level this evening; It’s for the animals!

April 18, 2017

Second District Congressman Jason Lewis weighed in on States rights to the use of medical marijuana on last week’s Wayne Eddy Affair.  He said, the citizens of Minnesota need to decide what’s appropriate for the citizens, not the federal government.  He continued, “if somebody’s dying of cancer and the only relief they get is from medicinal marijuana and the State says we’re gonna say that’s okay, the Federal government’s DEA has no business intervening.  And I believe that”.  Lewis spoke on several topics, you can listen to the full interview at  He was invited to a town hall meeting tonight organized by Cannon Valley Indivisible.  They’re a local, grassroots organization inspired by the (more…)

Severe Weather Awareness

April 18, 2017

In Minnesota, spring showers can suddenly turn into severe storms that threaten lives and property. It’s important for Minnesotans to plan ahead to protect themselves and their homes, both in advance of a severe storm and in the event that disaster strikes.  During 2017 Severe Weather Awareness Week (April 13-17), Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman is encouraging Minnesotans to take a few simple steps to manage the financial impact in case of a tornado, flooding or other severe weather.  Click below for tips, resources and more information:

MN Dept. of Commerce – Severe Weather Awareness – Plan Ahead

Rice County road construction season has begun

April 17, 2017

2017 Road Construction Season

Click on the above link to find a list of projects now underway or set to begin.  These include culvert replacements, mill and overlay and bridge replacement.

Lewis talks healthcare and Real ID; Charter Commission looks to make amendments – who’s in charge?; Heads up – Severe weather Awareness week

April 17, 2017

Second District Congressman Jason Lewis was on the Wayne Eddy Affair last week.  He said the American Healthcare Act was a good bill, it made the tax code equal for those who bought insurance through an employer or through the individual market, meaning everyone would get the same tax treatment.  He said the GOP bill undid all of the mandates.  For example, “if I’m a young 25 year old man or woman and I don’t have any children should I have to buy, in my health (more…)

It’s MacBook Pros for Nfld teachers; “Driving with your chin” will get you a ticket that might just save a life; Nfld Econo Foods delivers “highest” check to Habitat for Humanity; Listen to Wendy for Egg Hunt update

April 14, 2017

The Northfield School Board approved changes in their staff technology, shifting from desktops to laptops.  IT Director, Kim Briske had discovered that they would do better financially if they leased MacBook Pros.  Superintendent Dr. Matt Hillmann said, due to the number of computers they were faced with upgrading this year, it made sense to make the switch over the summer break.  Leasing is also more predictable for budgeting purposes.  He said it’s a 4 year lease (more…)


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