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Martig merits 2 step increase; Council ok’s Armory liquor license; Dundas roads will get ripped up; Northfield Works awarded 3 grants for job training

May 16, 2018

The Northfield Council praised Administrator Ben Martig’s performance so much so that they gave him a 5% raise, translating to a $7,000 increase to $146,140.80.  Citing an “extremely strong performance”, Councilor Peterson White made a motion to give him a 2 step increase, saying she didn’t want to lose him. The vote was 5 to 1, with Colby preferring a 1 step increase at 2.5%.  Mayor Pownell said, “Council really decided based on the review because Mr. Martig has met and exceeded expectations and we are really grateful for his service in our community that it warranted (more…)

Dundas ok’s sending 1/2 cent tax to voters; Nfld Council holds hearings on liquor license, votes on fire facility; Visit Nfld recognizes 6 award winners for local support of tourism

May 15, 2018

Dundas Council approved staff to prepare the question of a ½ cent sales tax to the voters in November regarding a 2 sheet Community Recreation Center.  Administrator John McCarthy said Dundas followed Northfield’s lead. Dundas will NOT be doing a property tax question. 30% of funds raised through the proposed sales tax would go to other regional recreational projects such as improvements to Memorial Park, their outdoor ice rink, Mill Towns Trail and (more…)

Gare announces candidate for District 20B

May 15, 2018


Montgomery- Josh Gare of Montgomery announces his intention to seek the Republican endorsement for House District 20B which includes Northfield, Montgomery, and Lonsdale.

“Oftentimes it feels like our district doesn’t get a fair shake from politicians in St. Paul – whether that be inequal education funding or punitive regulations on farming and business. For too long, hardworking, honest people can’t catch a break,” said Gare. “I’m running to be a common-sense voice for families, farmers, and small businesses and I’ll focus on protecting our values, lowering health care costs and taxes. It would be an honor to serve you at the State Capitol.” (more…)

Gas line cut at construction site; Turn on a Blue light this week for law enforcement; Dundas council will consider sales tax; Stormwater Poster winners announced

May 14, 2018

A fire call went out this morning in the road construction project on Co. Rd. 1.  Firefighter Sean Simonson said an off road truck was delivering materials when it sunk in the moist ditch and severed a 1 inch gas line to a house.  Xcel was on the scene and repairing it by around 10 this morning.  No injuries were reported.

Turn on a Blue light this week for law enforcement

They put their lives on the line every time they go to work.  Our law enforcement officers risk their lives each day whether it be from picking up debris in the road to a violent offender.  This is Police Week. Northfield Chief Monte Nelson said it’s part of National Police Day tomorrow where a number of events will take place in Washington DC, including a ceremony at the Law Enforcement Memorial.  This year they added 360 names. Locally, Chief Nelson comments, “if you see one of our Officers say hi, shake their hand this week.  If you want to show some support at night, you’re urged to turn a blue light on”.  Nelson said his department is grateful for the amount of support they receive locally.    He said throughout the year it’s amazing how often they have people that will pick up a meal for them and they don’t find out who it is, or they’ll drop off cookies.  Because we don’t generally have major crimes, violence can happen towards police officers when they arrive at a (more…)

Expect parking restrictions today in downtown Northfield

May 14, 2018

Deputy Police Chief Mark Dukatz said a UCare commercial is being filmed in downtown Northfield today.  They are filming between 10:00am and about 2:00pm and will be using the 400 block of Division Street.  They will sporadically shut down one, or both, lanes in the 400 block of Division when filming.

Sgt. Monroe will be downtown the entire time they are present.


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