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Community News: Township Election Results 3/9/16

March 9, 2016
14dbdffcec3b26cd69521bbd84d0b714Township election results are in and Greenvale had a record turnout!  Supervisor Greg Langer said they had 247 voters, that’s almost 50% of their population.  He received 148 votes to Tom Sorem’s 98 and there was 1 write-in.  Linus Langer was re-elected as Clerk with 209 votes.  There were 17 write-ins and 21 left blank.  In Castle Rock Township Seat A Supervisor is Kelly Elvestad with 128 votes and Seat B is David J. Nicolai with 110.  Mark Elliot won the Randolph Supervisor seat with 35 votes.  In Northfield Township, Supervisor Brian Peterson and Clerk Marjorie Randolph were re-elected sweeping all 33 voters.  In Waterford Township, Larry Odegard won Supervisor with 62 votes and Clerk Elizabeth Wheeler was re-elected with 55 votes.  And in Bridgewater, Gary Ebling ran unopposed for the Supervisor seat with 71 votes cast and 1 write-in.    For further details in Dakota County, click below:

Today’s news update – Level 3 Predatory Offender to move to Cannon City; Northfield School District kudos and concerns; The Depot deposited on new foundation; Council considers rezoning; Rain Garden workshop tonight!

March 8, 2016

news-radioLevel 3 Predatory Offender to move to Cannon City

A Level 3 Predatory Offender plans on moving to Cannon City.  According to Minnesota Statute, the Rice County Sheriff’s Office must notify the public.  35 year old Ross Wenner, formerly of Northfield, will settle in the township on March 29th.  Rice County Attorney John Fossum said he must register as a Sex Offender for at least 10 years, maybe for his lifetime depending on his offense.  If he violates any of his release requirements he will go back to prison.  Wenner is not wanted by the police and has served the sentence imposed on him by the court.  A Community Notification Meeting has been scheduled for 6 pm next Tuesday, March 15th at the Faribault Evangelical Free Church 1039 Saint Paul Ave.  Representatives from the Department of Corrections and the Rice County Sheriff’s Office will be available to provide you with information on public safety.  Wenner pled guilty in 2008 to 1st degree burglary and 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct with fear of great bodily harm after an arrest in Scott County in September of 2007.  He was sentenced to 150 months in prison.  He has previous convictions in Rice, Goodhue and Dakota County involving kidnapping and attempted kidnapping.

Northfield School District kudos and concerns

Northfield School district’s “Thought Exchange” results are in and you can view them all the the district’s website at  Nearly 1100 community members took part.  There were 5 areas that people appreciated including Teachers and Staff, Enrichment programs and school environment.  Some areas of concern included class size, parking and traffic and technology.  This process will continue and you’re invited to get involved if you haven’t yet.  Send an email to [email protected]  The only requirement is for you to live in the Northfield School district.

The Depot deposited on new foundation

The Depot is now on it’s new permanent foundation and Save the Northfield Depot organizer Alice Thomas said they are on schedule!  “It was a big day yesterday”.  The Depot was finally set upon it’s foundation which was built AFTER the building was moved.  Gleason has cleaned up the old site and the Depot group will plant grass seed in the area. The Railroad will retain ownership of that property and where the roofless building was.  MN Transportation Passenger Rail officials say the area, “will be an excellent site for a railroad spur”.  The Depot will actually be used as a real Depot!  There are no plans specifically yet but it’s on the 10 year plan.  Thomas says, as for the Depot, they’ll be improving the outside appearance and restoring it to it’s pre-1944 changes.  They are asking for donations and volunteers of all sorts.  I have a link to their website from kymnradio. net.  You can also listen to Thomas’s complete interview.

Council considers rezoning and more

The Northfield City Council meets tonight at 7 o’clock.  will discuss, in part, their new meeting schedule, approval of a landscape partnership with MnDot for Hwy 3 and 3rd street project, hear the first reading of the rezoning of land parcels along Hwy 3 owned by Central Valley Coop and the first reading for rezoning three city owned parcels totaling just over 61 acres along the Cannon River for the E Cannon Regional Park.  Council meetings are streamed live on the City’s website and Mayor Graham will be in studio tomorrow morning at 7:20 with a recap.  On tonight’s Beyond the Open Mic, Victor Summa and Don McGee will discuss a number of items on Council’s agenda.  That’s just after the news at 6 o’clock tonight.

Rain Garden workshop tonight!

The CRWP is hosting a two-part Rain Garden Workshop in Northfield at the Nfld Community Resource Center beginning tonight.  Registration is through Community Ed and the cost is $14. (Rm. 225; Class #: 3274-W16A) The class is from 7:00 – 8:00 pm tonight and next Tuesday, March 15, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  Call Community Services at 507.664.3649.  I’ll have a link to online registration after noon today.   REGISTER HERE:    Check out:

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Today’s news update – Missing person returns home unharmed; Property tax relief on Bly’s agenda; School Board takes first look at 2017/18 school calendar; Northfield Council to vote on fewer and shorter meetings and dollars for a “multi-modal” fund; Northfield Reads $2 a Day

March 7, 2016

news-radioMissing person returns home unharmed

Late Friday evening, the Northfield Police department issued a missing person alert for 19 year old Ashley Runge.  She was listed as a vulnerable adult.  Deputy Chief Mark Dukatz reports that she returned home at about 5 o’clock Saturday morning.  She was gone for approximately 7 hours.  She returned on her own and unharmed.  No further details were released.

Property tax relief on Bly’s agenda

Property tax relief is something on House District 20b Representative David Bly’s list of to-do’s when the legislative session starts tomorrow.  He said they’ve heard from various Ag groups that they’d like to see “some adjustment there”.  He believes they should be able to get to all of their priorities.  He will continue work on Governor Dayton’s Buffer legislation, “calling it the buffer legislation is a bit misleading because it’s more inclusive than that.  It isn’t just about farmers but also people who live around lakes and streams”.  And also the impact of cities that need the water cleaned up.  Bly will be in studio every Wednesday morning a 8:45 during the legislative session and Senator Kevin Dahle will be in on Fridays at 7:20am.

School Board takes first look at 2017/18 school calendar

A first look at the 2017/18 school calendar year was presented to the School Board.  Superintendent Dr. Chris Richardson said it will come back to them at their first March meeting and hopefully approve it.  There will be makeup days included.  A couple of things will be done differently.  In the past Martin Luther King Day was a day off for students only but teachers had professional development.  Richardson says they’re looking at a holiday for both students and staff and will move teacher professional development to Presidents Day instead.  If they use up 3 snow days prior to Presidents Day, they’ll use that for the first make-up day instead of a holiday.

Northfield Council to vote on fewer and shorter meetings and dollars for a “multi-modal” fund

The Northfield Council is back to work tomorrow night.  On their consent agenda is a resolution to change their meeting schedule.  Regular meetings will be held the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays with a work session on the 2nd Tuesday, whittling down their meetings from 4 per month to 3 and keeping a 2 hour time limit, unless voted on by ⅔ majority to continue.  On their regular agenda is a resolution to create a multi-modal fund.  There are two projects slated for that money this year.  Intersection enhancements along Highway 3 with at about $200,000 and a study of the intersection at Jefferson and 246.  The money is coming from the former Tiger Trail fund.  The meetings are streamed live on the City’s website.

Northfield Reads $2 a Day

The Northfield Public Library and the Human Rights Commission are hosting the “Northfield Reads” program.  It started about 4 years ago to look for ways to inform the community of the diverse segments of our residents.  This year the book is “$2 a day – Living on almost nothing in America”.  It focuses on poverty in America with real life stories.  The Library’s Joan Ennis says many of us don’t understand how people get into poverty and how hard it is to get out.  They looked at other books including one that had to do with “Why don’t you just get a job”?  THIS book explains WHY it’s difficult to get a job when you haven’t the ability to present yourself well.  On Thursday there’s a $2 dinner at 6pm at First United Church of Christ on Union Street.  Speakers include Jim Blaha and someone talking about working at a homeless shelter.  There will be a book discussion at Content Bookstore on March 17th at 6:45.  There will be a Community Event on April 7th at 7pm at St. John’s Church.  There will be speakers, a play, music and more.  Their entire interview is posted online at

NHS hosts 41st annual meeting

The Northfield Historical Society will host its 41st Annual Meeting March 19 at the Grand Event Center. Doors will open at 6:30 with the meeting starting at 7 p.m.  The keynote speaker is attorney Todd Aldrich, an in-law in the multigenerational Northfield-based family business Malt-O-Meal (MOM). Todd is married to Allyson Smith Aldrich, a third-generation shareholder of MOM and granddaughter of company founder John S. Campbell. He is on the MOM Board of Directors and was active in the formation and management of its Family Council. Todd will talk about why the family decided to donate its company’s history collection to NHS and how they are ensuring that the collection will be protected and shared with the rest of the NHS community.  Staff are busy preparing the first in a series of MOM Brand displays.  NHS is also looking for volunteers to staff the Museum Store.  For more information call 507-645-9268.

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Today’s news update – Apple Valley man found guilty in stabbing of mother; Dahle talks legislative start and announces his candidacy; Flex days frustrate some Farmington parents

March 4, 2016


Apple Valley man found guilty in stabbing of mother

An Apple Valley man has been convicted in the stabbing of his mother.  On June 1st last year, police responded to 6000 block of 134th Street West in Apple Valley where a man told them he killed his mom.   When police arrived, they found 23 year old Tyler Christensen kneeling in the front yard covered in blood.  His mother was in the kitchen unresponsive with multiple stab wounds about her head and neck.  She was transported to the hospital and was able to tell officers the next day that her son did it but he is mentally ill.  A Dakota County jury, yesterday, found Christensen guilty of 1st degree assault with great bodily harm and 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon.  Sentencing is May 25th, he’s being held in the Dakota County jail.

Dahle talks legislative start and announces his candidacy

The legislative session is getting its latest start in decades when it opens March 8th.  District 20 Senator Kevin Dahle said after record turnout for the Caucuses, District 58b representative Pat Garofalo of Farmington will introduce a bill to change to a Primary system.  Dahle said, “I do think there’s some real value in face to face dialogue about platform planks or who the delegates might be going on to the next level”.  He hopes that something like that can stay in place, “but maybe it’s time to go to an all day Primary”.  The State’s budget surplus is $900 million.  There are a couple of big bills still alive.  The Transportation bill is still in conference committee and a tax bill.  Those are a big priority.  Republicans would prefer to spend the surplus on transportation.  Dahle says it’s not enough, “some of the transportation needs could also be met through the bonding bill”.  He believes there needs to be some “back and forth”.  Dahle says the reserve is “pretty tidy” and so there’s no need to put dollars there.  Dahle announced he’s running again.  No democrat is running against him for the 4 year term but there are 4 Republicans who’ve announced their intent.  Those are Bruce Morlan, Danny Petricka, Mark Bartusek and Rich Draheim.  Dahle is  kicking off his campaign at the Rueb ‘N’ Stein tomorrow night at 7 o’clock.  Chad Johnson and Russell Franek of the 8th Street band will be playing.

Flex days frustrate some Farmington parents

The Farmington School District isn’t just being recognized for hockey but they’ve garnered national attention among educators for coming up with ways for students to learn from home via iPads on days when bad weather cancels classes.  The Star Tribune reports, however, that parents aren’t necessarily big fans.  After 4 built in “flexible learning days”, 49% of parents in a survey said they don’t like them.  The main complaint was having to take time off work or find day care which cost money and gave them headaches. The original plan was to schedule 2 flex days for students to practice learning online and working independently, skills they’ll need in the workplace.  District educational services director, Barb Duffrin said that when budget cuts were necessary last spring, parents suggested adding two more to save money.  Duffrin told the Strib, that change saved $78,000 on transportation and the cost of having the building open.  Duffin said the problem arose when they built in 4 days instead of 2 as the original purpose was lost.  Next year the district built in 2 days instead.


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Community News: Northfield YMCA adds Personal Nutrition Training

March 4, 2016

imagesNorthfield Area Family YMCA introduces Personal Nutrition Training

Eating well has its rewards.  Fueling your body properly helps you feel better, improve performance and productivity, resist chronic disease, boost energy, build immunity, age well and control your weight.  Northfield Area Family YMCA now offers Personal Nutrition Training with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  The RDN works with people individually to develop food-related strategies that help them achieve their wellness goals and live healthier lives.  The training sessions are held at the Y and are available to members and non-members.

For more information or to sign up, please email Curwin Gett at [email protected], visit our website at  or call the YMCA at (507) 645-0088.

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