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Drug Dealer Charged with Murder, Teen Vaping, Northfield’s Waste/Recycling Contract

January 17, 2019

Public Campaign to Stop Teen Vaping, Sen. Draheim’s Healthcare Proposal

January 16, 2019

Premier Bank Robbery Press Release

January 16, 2019

Here is the press release from the Northfield Police Department regarding the bank robbery on Tuesday.  Citizens are asked to contact the police department with any information they may have regarding the suspects.

Press Release Premier Bank Robbery 01.15.19

Teen Vaping; Council Work Session; Lippert’s Legislative priorities

January 15, 2019
Gone are the days of stealing mom or dad’s cigarettes. Teen Vaping was a topic at the Northfield School Board meeting on Monday. In the past, E-cigs were designed to transition smokers to a “healthier” alternative. Superintendent Matt Hillmann explains one reason teens start vaping is their brain is undergoing changes and they want to experience new things and test boundaries. Previously, e-cigs would produce a cloud of vapor smoke noticeable to people in the vicinity, However, the technology has advanced so that cloud is no longer a noticeable thing, which allows people, and in this case students, hide their usage. Hillmann explained that now students can take a puff in class under their shirt and there would be no visible signs of them doing it.


Premier Bank Robbed!

January 15, 2019

Northfield Police and the F.B.I  are on the lookout for 2 African American males who allegedly entered Premier Bank in downtown Northfield armed with weapons and proceeded to rob it shortly before noon on Tuesday, January 15.  No injuries are reported.  Police are asking for your help to identify either the individuals or the car they used to get away. No description of the vehicle is known at this time. Anybody with information is asked to call the NPD at 507-663-9302 and ask to speak to Deputy Chief Mark Dukatz.  Stay tuned to KYMN for more information as it becomes available. Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson provides additional details below: