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NWS expects Cannon to rise above 899′ reports Chief Nelson

March 22, 2019
The NWS has issued/extended a Flood Warning for the Cannon River at Northfield through 7:00 a.m Tuesday, March 26. The Cannon River has continued to slowly rise, and is expected to go above the 899’ mark in the next several days. NWS expects the river level to then fall slowly through the week.  Weather has been very favorable, reducing the rate of rise and improving the river level forecast for next week. See details below. Flood-Conditions-Update-Northfield-03.22.19.docx Additionally, we have a Situation Report from the National Weather Service forward by Faribault Fire Chief Dustin Dienst MPX-SitReport1_03_22_2019_1145

Rice Co. Emergency Mgmt Director flood update

March 22, 2019

Rep. Daniels, Claire LaCanne, Jennifer Hauer-Schmitz

Rice County Emergency Mgmt  Director, Jennifer Hauer-Schmitz provided this update late this morning:

Good Morning Everyone!

  • The rivers continue to rise & spread out; albeit slowly which is very good.  The Cannon River at CR29/Hwy 3 only went up a few additional inches since yesterday, but is spilling out over the banks quite widely.


Don’t climb on the sandbags but volunteer to fill them; 5 years for drugs and arson; Nfld Cultural Plan infusing creativity; Food Share Month

March 22, 2019

The Cannon River in Northfield was at 898.98 ft. at 11:30am, 899 ft is moderate flood stage.  The National Weather Service defines 900 ft as major flood stage. Froggy Bottoms River Pub on the west side has closed for a few days.  The NWS expects moderate flooding and then a drop in the River but Police Chief Monte Nelson has cautioned that these conditions will be a part of the community into April.  He also reminds people to stay off the sandbags (more…)

ADU Open House fills Council Chambers; Less trash?  Smaller cans available; Callery wins State Poetry Out Loud contest

March 21, 2019

Seems a lot of citizens were interested in learning more about what ADUs are.  The City of Northfield held an Open House last night regarding Accessory Dwelling Units as the Planning Commission recommended a, sort of carte blanche, in allowing them to bypass many of the regulations for building.  It might be easier to say what they aren’t, which is just tiny homes. ADUs can be attached, detached from the primary dwelling. They can be above or below and, as for what the Planning Commission recommended, they (more…)

Nfld has 60% major flood chance; Council goes sideways on sidewalk discussion during Approval of Plans/Specs for 2019 Street project; ADU Open House

March 20, 2019

As we celebrate the Spring Equinox today, the river, she’s rising.  Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson gave an update on the flooding situation this morning.  The Cannon is just over 898 ft today, and businesses are preparing, Nelson says this will be a long-term Spring season concern.  The National Weather Service has placed Northfield, specifically, at a 60% chance of major flooding.  Nelson said, “those are not good percentages”.  That’s a higher probability than the City’s Emergency Director, Tim Isom, wanted to hear. Nelson said even if the river goes down some, we’re not out of the  woods. Between a wet Fall that never dried out, record cold creating a deep frost depth (more…)