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Today’s news update – Northfield resident will challenge Bly; Scammers get nasty; Hwy 3 and 3rd street project on Council agenda; Tell us what you think!

February 16, 2016

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Northfield resident will challenge Bly


Tiana and Aramis Wells

A Northfield resident has entered the race for House District 20b representative.  Aramis Wells is a machinist at Bilken Industrial.  He’s been a firefighter with NAFRS and is now  the Captain of the Rescue Squad.  When asked why now he said it’s been something that he and his wife have been talking about for quite a few years and this happens to be the right time.  He added that it’s a good time to have someone, “that brings a little more fiscal responsibility, individual freedoms and such.  He said, “I think people know best how to run their lives and I don’t think St. Paul needs to be telling them how to do it”.  Of those themes fiscal responsibility is his main focus, “I think everyone in our district sits around the kitchen table every week and tries to figure out how to best spend their money and make it last till the end of the month”.  I asked him what he would do with the budget surplus, “I don’t think it’s their money to spend.  That was last year’s budget and if they didn’t spend it, it should either go back to the people who gave it to them or it should be used to pay off some of the State’s debt”.  His wife, Tiana is his campaign manager.  She was also the campaign manager for Brian Wermerskirchen who lost to democrat David Bly who was reelected for a 2nd term in 2014.  Wells said his family has been very active in the Republican Party since 2007.

Scammers get nasty

Online and on the phone, scams abound.  Of late, it’s the IRS supposedly calling to tell you you owe them money.  Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson says, no matter the type of scam, when it comes in via phone, “we tell people that if it doesn’t sound right, if the hair on the back of your neck goes up, trust your instincts”.  Some have found that even if they hang up, the scammer will call back and even after telling them they’re calling the police, “we’ve literally had people receive the call while they were reporting it to our officer and they handed the phone to our officer and the person almost always starts making these crazy threats that they’re from some branch of the FBI that you’ve never heard of”.  Nelson says there’s your clue.  If they start asking for any kind of bank information it can be even worse than a credit card because they can start buying things right away out of your bank account. Don’t confirm any numbers.  Nelson said call his office, if nothing else they can document it.  He added there are IRS scams where people will file your taxes before you do and essentially take your tax return and then “messes up” your ability to file taxes that year.  There are resources to report to the Federal Trade Commission and the BCA as well.  I have a link on our website to an article with reporting information and links. Click below:


Hwy 3 and 3rd street project on Council agenda

The Northfield Council meets for a work session tonight.  There are a number of items on their consent agenda including formal approval of the contract with new City Administrator, Ben Martig.  His starting salary is $126,623 with a start date of May 2nd.  The only item on the Regular agenda is the Hwy 3 and 3rd street project.  The meetings are streamed live on the City’s website.  Mayor Graham will be in studio tomorrow morning at 7:20 with a recap.

Tell us what you think!

KYMN is asking our listeners to please take a moment to give us your feedback.  We have a survey at the top of the page on our website  We want to know what you think.  You can remain anonymous or use your name and you’ll be placed in a drawing for a pack of 4 Twins tickets.

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Community News: Minnesota Corn Growers re-elect 4 farmers to board of directors

February 15, 2016

MN corn growersMinnesota Corn Growers re-elect 4 farmers to board of directors

Re-elected farmers come from Northfield, Eden Valley, Goodhue and Renville

SHAKOPEE, Minn. (Feb. 15, 2016) – Delegates to the Minnesota Corn Growers Association’s (MCGA) recent annual meeting at MN Ag EXPO 2016 in Mankato re-elected four family farmers to its board of directors.

Bruce Peterson, Northfield, was re-elected to represent District 3. Tom Haag, Eden Valley; Ryan Buck, Goodhue, and Gerald Mulder, Renville, were elected to fill at-large positions. Peterson, Haag and Buck have previously served as MCGA president.

“Minnesota’s corn farmers are fortunate to have these four strong and experienced voices for agriculture back on the MCGA board,” said Noah Hultgren, a family farmer in Raymond and current MCGA president. “Whether it’s standing up for corn farmers in St. Paul and Washington, working to grow the use of homegrown ethanol fuel or supporting farmer-funded research, MCGA remains in a strong position to amplify the voices of Minnesota corn farmers.”

MCGA has over 7,000 members, making it one of the largest grassroots agriculture organizations in the United States. Working in close partnership with the Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council, MCGA strives to create new opportunities for corn farmers and improve quality of life.

To learn more about MCGA, go to or follow @mncorn on Twitter.

Today’s news update – Nisbit attorney asks for Change of Venue; The roofless eyesore is being taken down; Weitz Center hosting Plight of the Pollinator tonight; Nfld Beyond the Yellow Ribbon holding Omelet breakfast Sunday

February 15, 2016

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Nisbit attorney asks for Change of Venue

The Faribault man indicted for 1st degree murder is scheduled for an Omnibus Hearing this Thursday.  39 year old Jason Nisbit is accused of murdering 26 year old Chelsea Martinez of Ohio and leaving her body in Shager Park.  Rice County Attorney John Fossum says the omnibus hearing is an opportunity to resolve issues including the defense attorney has made a motion for a Change of Venue arguing that “people have thought too much about this case”.  Fossum would not go into further details saying he has an obligation to make sure people get a fair trial.

The roofless eyesore is being taken down

The white roofless eyesore on the Q-Block is getting removed today.  The Save the Depot group asked the Railroad to take the building down but were told they didn’t have the funds at the time.  Depot organizer Alice Thomas said there were people in their earlier removing asbestos and then heard that Gleason got the contract to bring it down.  The old freight house has been there for decades and in 2008, when the American Bloom group was having a contest, someone from that organization called the railroad and asked if they would remove the building calling it an eyesore and explaining how the police were having trouble with it due to transients and teenagers using it.  That’s when they removed the roof due to liability.  The movers for Save the Depot were scheduled to put the Depot on it’s foundation this week.  If the weather’s decent, they’ll do some work on the exterior as well as they can during the winter.  Thomas says there are 9 very thick brackets that hold the sloping roof that were removed when the addition was added in 1944.  They’ll getting them from a mill in Wisconsin.  Heating and electrical will be done when funds become available.  You can donate at  Check out our website for pictures.  The freight house sits on railroad land and is entirely their responsibility.                   Pictures of the Brackets

Weitz Center hosting Plight of the Pollinator tonight

As part of Carleton College’s Climate Action Week, they present “The Plight of the Pollinator” on Monday evening at 7 o’clock.  Representative Rick Hansen will discuss what efforts he and other legislators have made to protect both honey bees and native bees, as well as butterflies in Minnesota.    He’ll discuss the problems currently facing these pollinators, such as the impact of pesticides/neonicotinoids, and what individuals can do to ensure their health.  Representative David Bly as well as Councilor Erica Zweifel will also be speaking.  There will be time for Q&A with the speakers and local bee keepers.  The event is being held in the Larson Room at the Weitz Center.

Nfld Beyond the Yellow Ribbon holding Omelet breakfast Sunday

The Northfield Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Network is serving up an Omelet Breakfast Sunday morning at the Northfield Eagles Club from 8:30-12:30.  (omelets, sausage, bacon, pancakes and all the fixings, plus juice, milk and hot coffee).  All for only $10 for adults and $5 for children.  Half the proceeds will benefit the network.  You can also learn more about ways to help our veterans and their families.

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Today’s news update – Projects to spend down TIF 4 dollars; Public hearing on Dundas Dome; Northfield resident warns of IRS tax scam; Dakota County offers Swap Spots

February 12, 2016

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Projects to spend down TIF 4 dollars

The TIF 4 redevelopment District expired in 2013.  There’s approximately $1.4 million  left in the fund.  Finance Director Melanie Lammers said there are 3 main projects budgeted for in 2016.  The Hwy 3 and 3rd street intersection was budgeted for $700,000, the East Cannon River Trail is budgeted for $173,00 and Garbage corrals for $30,000.  There are also 3 other funding requests including an extra $40,000 for the intersection project due to cost estimates rising. The City has a development agreement for the 303/305 Water St. river wall and they received a request from the Depot group.  If all those projects are done that would leave about $240,000 but that money is tied up in other loan projects right now.  The Highway 3 and 3rd street project will come back to Council next week.

Public hearing on Dundas Dome

A private company has been working for months to bring a sports dome to Dundas.  It’s a membrane structure for sports that will be on the corner of Hwy 3 and County Rd. 1.  City Administrator John McCarthy said there will be a public hearing on the project on February 18th. McCarthy added that they’d also had preliminary discussions with a couple of commercial operators interested in in expanding stores in the area.  He says they’re looking at a pretty big summer.

Northfield resident warns of IRS tax scam

It’s that time of year and a Northfield resident has been among the thousands of people who’ve received phone calls from someone representing the IRS and telling him he owed money.  They used multiple phone numbers from all over the country but it identified them as from the IRS. The resident did not answer the phone or return the messages but wanted to alert the community.  As a reminder, the IRS will first contact your through the mail if there’s an issue.  Police Chief Monte Nelson will be in studio next Tuesday morning to talk about recent scams and how to protect yourself.

Dakota County offers Swap Spots

The Dakota County Sheriff’s Office is opening Swap Spots.  Sheriff Leslie said in a press release that in an era of online shopping where an in-person exchange will happen, they want to provide a public space for residents to conduct those transactions.  The Swap Spots will include child custody exchanges or any transaction where meeting in a public location will help improve personal safety.  There are currently two signed locations at the Dakota County Government Center in Hastings, one indoors, the other outdoors for larger items.  I’ll have the full press release on later today.  Swap Spot Announcement 021116

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Today’s news update – Not all Councilors pleased with Regional Priorities; Superintendent closes school from a snowdrift; NRC to receive a Star of the North Award; Valentine’s Mystery Dinner Theater

February 11, 2016

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Not all Councilors pleased with Regional Priorities

Rice County Commissioners along with City Administrators from Dundas, Lonsdale and Faribault held meetings and came up with priorities for Regional Economic Development.  Lobbying the legislature as a group for state and federal funding has proved to be more successful.  Northfield was not involved as we didn’t have an Administrator at the time.  Commissioner Galen Malecha brought an agreement forward to Northfield Council this week stating the group’s priorities which included, in part, development along I-35 between Co. Rd. 1 and Hwy 19, Mill Towns Trail, broadband internet and a transit center.  Northfield was left out of the process due to the untimely exit of Administrator Nick Haggenmiller.  Councilor Zweifel was not pleased with the transit center being a Park n Ride for those heading up to the Cities, “I want to express my disappointment that that’s the direction the County is heading”.  She said we have a need “here, very strongly” for people to get to the Regional Center which has been “articulated for many many years”.  Nakasian questioned why there was nothing on passenger rail.  While the document can’t be changed, it can be added to.  Interim Administrator Linstroth said Northfield is now in the loop and they will be hosting the next regional meeting.  She said the great part about it is, “the conversations that have been started by the formation of this document have led to quite a bit of connectivity between the Cities”.  The document will come back to Council next week for adoption.  Northfield could abstain from voting on it this year and join in next year.  Dundas, Lonsdale and Faribault have already adopted the agreement.

Superintendent closes school from a snowdrift

When the Superintendent of Northfield Schools gets stuck in a snow drift, chances are school will be closed.  Chris Richardson has a habit of driving the roads on questionable mornings, so last Wednesday, he did.. and got stuck, as did Matt Hillman and  Barb More from the bus company.  Richardson said he had his emergency kit and had one of those portable shovels.  “The first scoop of snow that I took the end of the shovel flew off and flew into a snowdrift”.  He sat for an hour and a half in the snow drift in the middle of a gravel road. That’s where he called KYMN to report school closed! The school calendar builds in 2 snow days, which they used last week.  If there’s another snowday, that means going longer in June.  So you might not want to wish for a snow day.

NRC to receive a Star of the North Award

The Northfield Retirement Community will receive an award next week on their efforts with Alzheimer’s.  2nd District Congressman John Kline has invited team members from the NRC to the Star of the North Award ceremony as representatives of Northfield’s Walk to Remember event, which last fall raised more than $5,500 for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. The event was co-hosted with Three Links Care Center.  NRC Director of Health Services, Emily Kerling and Amanda Gruber, staff member at Three Links, will accept the award on the volunteers’ behalf at the Star of the North Awards Ceremony next Tuesday, at 6:30 p.m., at Kenwood Trail Middle School in Lakeville, Minn.

Valentine’s Mystery Dinner Theater

If you haven’t made plans yet for Valentine’s Day, the Northfield Arts Guild is collaborating with the Northfield Golf Club for an evening of mystery dinner theater.  “The Case of the Riverboat Rendezvous” is an interactive stand-up comedy, mystery dinner theatre performance held at the Northfield Golf Club this weekend.  Ray Young the 3rd plays the Captain, “we’re actually going to have a ‘name that detective’ quizz with door prizes”.  Performances will be Saturday at 6:15pm and Sunday at 5:15pm.  Call the Guild at 645-8877.

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