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Today’s news update – “A tremendous increase in major behavior issues” prompts discussion on Behavior Interventionist at Nfld Schools; Henn. Co ME seeks bonding dollars; NEC offers Lunch & Learn; ‘After Prom’ party at Jesse James Lanes

April 25, 2016


“A tremendous increase in major behavior issues” prompts discussion on Behavior Interventionist at Nfld Schools

The Northfield School district is looking at hiring a behavior interventionist for each of the elementary schools.  Superintendent Dr. Chris Richardson explains, “One of the key things we’ve seen of concern is just a tremendous increase in the last couple of years in terms of the number of really major behavior issues occurring even at our Elementary level”.  Many of these are mental health related or their families are affected.  Richardson said this person would also work with teachers to help them handle the child and how it affects the rest of the classroom.  Richardson said, “we’re hearing from our Principals and staff that this is becoming a real issue and part of it is because of the loss of funding to the counties who used to provide significantly more mental health services for families but because of the loss of LGA (Local Government Aid) don’t have that capability any more”.  Richardson’s entire interview is online at  

Today’s news update – Legvold’s legacy in water quality, soil conservation and no tillage; Nola Matheson named 2016 Heywood Award winner; Northfield BYTR to be recognized by Twins

April 22, 2016


Legvold’s legacy in water quality, soil conservation and no tillage

A Northfield farmer is on the cutting edge of environmental issues.  Dave Legvold has been a dedicated conservationist on his family corn and soybean farm for decades and most recently hosted a media farm tour about the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification program.  Legvold taught science and environmental studies for Richfield for decades and says water quality issues are in his blood.  While the crops he grows may be conventional, his methods are not.  He doesn’t use tillage.  He says there are definite soil and water benefits to NOT turning the soil and doing heavy tillage each year.  In the last 50 years, they’ve learned that plowing is one of the great destroyers of soil.  Legvold says Scientific American came out with an article that said, “if we continue tilling our soils heavily, we have about 60 years of  productive agriculture in the U.S.  Which is a scary thought”.  He says it’s a very difficult thing to bring about change, especially when it incites fear in some.  Legvold has worked with Carleton and St. Olaf students who do scientific research of the way he farms and verify that it’s financially advantageous to reduce tillage and “the scientists are telling us that if you reduce tillage there are many many benefits including water quality”.  This new voluntary program is designed to give farmers a chance to examine their practices and see how it measures up against water quality and soil conservation.  Local experts work with farmers with a field-­‐by-­‐field risk assessment.  It assures farmers that any new regulations that come along that impact water quality and the way they farm, they will not be held to those new regulations.  Farmers in the program will receive priority for technical and financial assistance to implement the practices.  Legvold’s interview is online at  

Community News: Bike locks available for $8

April 21, 2016

HCI logoMay is Bike Month. Be prepared with safety gear at an affordable price. Kryptonite bike locks are now available for $8 at two locations in Northfield. They can be purchased at Northfield Public Schools Community Services, 1651 Jefferson Parkway, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Mondays through Fridays, and also at Northfield EMS (ambulance garage), 1600 Riverview Lane. For pick-up at the ambulance garage, please call 646-1414 to arrange an appointment.

The locks are made available at cost through a partnership between the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative, Tom’s Downtown Bicycles and the Rice County SHIP initiative.

As in the past, bike helmets are also available at those same two locations. Cost of a helmet is $10.

For more information, please contact Cheryl Strike at 507-664-3532.

Today’s news update – Sheriff ID’s deceased; Investigators continue search for driver who fled the scene of a serious crash; Of bats and wetlands

April 21, 2016


Sheriff ID’s deceased

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn has released the name of the man found dead at the Flying J Truck stop on Monday.  Preliminary results from the investigation have determined that 51 year old Jay Hanson of Lonsdale died from self-inflicted wounds.  Final results are pending the complete report from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office and the Rice County Coroner.  Hanson was reported missing to local law enforcement on April 12th.  He was later found in his vehicle by a deputy on April 18th.  (more…)

Today’s news update – Gov’t building evacuated after package found; Contentious Council will hold special E. Cannon River trail meeting next week; School Board will review changes to District’s disciplinary handbook

April 20, 2016


Gov’t building evacuated after package found

The Rice County Government Services Building in Faribault was evacuated for a time yesterday morning after Sheriff’s Deputies were called on report of a suspicious package at an employee entrance on the west side.  Sheriff Troy Dunn’s name was on the package along with 2 other employees.  Dunn said there was writing on the package that read, “I found this and I’m giving it to the Sheriff and Eric as is”.  They evacuated the building just after 7am and shut traffic down on the west side of the building.  The Bloomington Bomb Squad responded.   (more…)