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Community News: Sibley Elementary briefly on lock down – no one ever in danger

January 7, 2016

Northfield Police BadgeSibley Elementary School was briefly locked down this morning when a staff member confronted a man who had a weapon on his person.  Protocols were put in place quickly and Northfield police responded to the school immediately.  They quickly determined that it was a police officer from another jurisdiction dropping of his child for school.  Police Chief Monte Nelson said no one was ever in any danger.

Today’s news update – Council gives go-ahead to rebid Hwy 3 and 3rd street crossing; Movie production crew to start filming next week; The Depot moved!

January 6, 2016

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Council gives go-ahead to rebid Hwy 3 and 3rd street crossing

When City Staff went out for bids on the Hwy 3 and 3rd street intersection improvement project in August, the single bid came back over $300,000 over the estimated cost of nearly $500,000.  The project was initiated nearly two years ago but Councilor Pownell wanted landscaping to be a larger part of the bid.  That came in at $120,000.  At the time, staff tried to pair the project with MnDot’s resurfacing project of Hwy 3 north of the intersection to the county line.  However, due to a time crunch that wasn’t possible.  Public Works Director Dave Bennett said while that’s a major setback, now is a good time to rebid the solo project and he’s proposing the same plan including the same landscaping that was worked out with Beautify Northfield and businesses.  The design was also okay-ed by MnDot.  Continuity and a welcoming gateway were the main considerations.  The design would not allow left turns by vehicles from either direction of 3rd street and place a center island refuge for pedestrians.  Bennett said there would be an overhead arm with a beacon to warn motorists of pedestrians.  Resident Don McGee has been a strong proponent for a safe crossing.  He said, “we went through this a year ago and council decided that they could micromanage this project and improve on the engineering design and hence we still do not have any crossing”.  He said trust the professionals you hired.  No one disputed the need for a safe crossing and most expressed a desire to get it done, cost was the issue, in particular the landscaping.  The somewhat angled crosswalk is a deliberate design according to Zweifel.  She said, ” to get the pedestrian to interact with the environment”.  And, basically, force them to look where they’re going.  After some debate council voted unanimously to approve going out for bids on the project as is.  Councilors Nakasian and Peterson White were absent.   The new estimate is $700,000 and will be fully funded by TIF 4 dollars.  Two other crossings at Greenvale Ave and near the Dairy Queen will be installed when MnDot does their resurfacing project.

Movie production crew to start filming next week

You may have seen our Northfield Chamber President surrounded by a film crew this week.  Todd Bornhauser escorted the production crew as they chose shoot locations and figured out their needs in terms of lighting, sound and props.  Strike Accord, the production company, will be shooting the “made for tv movie” in Minneapolis this week.  They’ll be in Northfield the next 2 weeks shooting all of their scenes here and then finish up in a barn near Wayzata.  Bornhauser said the crew were overwhelmed with the warmth and friendliness of our community.  He gave kudos to us.  He added that, hopefully, this will create other opportunities for Northfield.  With such a unique community we have a lot to offer.  “Our goal here is to make sure this is a wonderful experience for them and that they’re back selling Northfield”.  The lead roles have been cast but they will be using some locals for extras.  Bornhauser will keep us updated.

The Depot moved!

What made the Depot cross the road?  A truck and 5 years of time by several community members and generous dollars from the community as well.  KYMN’s Tim Freeland was on the scene as the historic moment took place moving the 1888 Depot across 3rd street to it’s new home behind the QuarterBack Club.  Look for video and pictures on later today and on  KSTP-TV was on scene as were a nice crowd of supporters.  Benjamin Bus brought out one of their large touring buses to allow folks to watch in comfort!

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Northfield Depot Move at 16X Speed – HD VIDEO

January 6, 2016

Version 2 updated here at 5pm on Jan 6th 2016.

Community News: Council chooses 5 Admin candidates

January 6, 2016

The Northfield Council has chosen 5 candidates to interview for the permanent City Administrator position.  They include 4 men and 1 woman:

Alene Tchourumoff – Public Works Director for Hennepin County

Noah D. Schuchman – Interim Director for the Dept. of Regulatory Services for Minneapolis

Matthew Hylen – President of Public Sector Professionals, LLC and former City Administrator for St. Francis

Joel West – Village Administrator for Osceola, WI

Ben Martig – City Administrator for Marshall, MN

Today’s news update – A friend’s friend’s neighbor said…; Small businesses are the winners!; Break’s over Nfld Council has full agenda; Memorial fund set up for Tiffany Smith

January 5, 2016

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A friend’s friend’s neighbor said…

A friend’s friend’s neighbor said someone borrowed her car and put drugs in it.  That’s what a Faribault woman told Dundas police after being pulled over for erratic driving.  42 year old Maria Renteria was pulled over late Saturday night in the 4000 block of Lonsdale Boulevard.  The officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle.  Renteria didn’t perform well on the field sobriety tests.  She was asked if she’d done methamphetamine.  The officer asked for back up from Rice County and a K-9 unit arrived.  The passenger, 30 year old Nicholas Reinhardt of Lakeville, was asked if he had any needles on him.  He said he was holding one in his front pocket for a friend.  A broken needle was also found on Renteria.  Reinhardt removed his sweatshirt and still had a blue band tied around his arm with fresh track marks and dried blood.  Officers found meth and pipes in the vehicle.  Renteria also told the officer that the person who put drugs in the car also sprinkled “M” on the floor. They’re both charged with 5th degree controlled substance.  The pair remain in jail, bail has not been set.

Small businesses are the winners!

Small businesses are the winners!  Northfield Chamber President Todd Bornhauser announced the 2016 Business and Businessperson of the year awards this morning on KYMN.  Paper Petalum was selected as Business of the Year.  Al and Eleanor Croone’s business has been in the Archer House for 28 years.  Eleanor said she was completely surprised and “couldn’t stop laughing and thought Todd was pulling a joke”.  She added,”it’s an honor to be recognized by your peers in the business world.  Thank you Northfield”. Bornhauser commented on the couple saying, “truly two of the nicest people that you’d ever want to know”.  Their customer service is raved about and Eleanor has been a true Ambassador for the Chamber encouraging local shopping and buying.  Businessperson is Rob Shanilec of By All Means Graphics.  Rob said, “it’s an unexpected honor looking at all the other people who’ve received it is really humbling to be included; but this community really makes that possible”.  Bornhauser says he’s, “really has been successful in his business but also successful for many other businesses”.  Shanilec provides help with marketing and printing needs.  The businessperson award is chosen by the past recipient.  Shanilac is a strong advocate for the arts and provided leadership, volunteer time, financial contributions and business knowledge and expertise.  Shanilac designed KYMN’s logo.  The Chamber annual meeting and recognition banquet will be held January 27th at The Grand.  More details coming.

Break’s over Nfld Council has full agenda

The Northfield Council meets tonight after 3 weeks off.  It’s a full schedule.  First up will be selecting a Mayor Pro Tem.  Mayor Dana Graham is putting forward Councilor David Ludescher.  The consent agenda includes approval of a school speed zone around Greenvale Elementary of 20 mph.  On their regular agenda is a request Council rank semi-finalist candidates and select finalists for Council interviews for the permanent City Administrator position.  Thirty one candidates have applied.  Finally is a resolution regarding the Hwy 3 and 3rd street intersection improvement project.  Mayor Graham will be in studio tomorrow morning at 7:20 with a recap.

Memorial fund set up for Tiffany Smith

A Memorial fund has been set up for Tiffany Smith at go fund me. click on the link   Her wake is scheduled for Thursday night at McNearney Funeral Home in Shakopee, Mn from 5:00-8:00pm with a service at 1:00 on Friday.

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