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Former Carleton student will go to trial; Rice County road work on the way; Body cams offer benefits but bring up privacy issues

June 18, 2018

The case of one student charged in connection with a hazing incident on the Carleton Campus in April of 2017 will go to trial.  20 year old Taariq Muhammad Vanegas of Seattle, was charged with 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct. A motion for hearing was made last week.  Rice County Attorney John Fossum said, “there was an allegation that a young man had raped one of the young women who was not in a position to say no”.  The  charge stems from an April 28th, 2017 party in which several students were invited via email, to take part in, what was termed “a tradition of excellence” which included an extreme amount of alcohol. The first jury trial was set for November last year, Fossum said, “it hasn’t been taking an abnormally long time but we have a lot of witnesses who are all over the (more…)

Shakopee man gets 4 yrs in drunk-driving death; Nfld Hosp. CEO discusses healthcare pricing; Nfld City staff to Action Plans with target dates;

June 15, 2018

30 year old Brandon Patrick Dellwo of Shakopee, was sentenced to 48 months in prison yesterday after pleading guilty in April, to one count each of Criminal Vehicular Homicide and Criminal Vehicular Operation in connection with the death of 29 year old Kacy Merseal of Des Moines.  Last August, Dellwo was driving his SUV eastbound in the westbound lane of Hwy 19 when he struck a volkswagen driven by Merseal.  Her passenger was taken to Northfield Hospital with non life-threatening injuries. The pair were heading home to Iowa from a Bruno Mars concert.   Rice County Attorney John Fossum said Dellwo’s blood/alcohol level was .27.  That’s more than three times (more…)

Civic Center/Ice Arena ballot question; Rice County roadwork will heat up; Battle of the Badges Blood Drive

June 14, 2018

Photo courtesy of 2008 Current Arena

Northfield Council and staff continue to work on a sample tax ballot question to voters regarding the proposed Cannon River Civic Center,  Administrator Martig commented on the name, “the goal of building a 2 sheet arena really expands beyond just ice because a civic component is a key piece that on one of the arenas we’re looking at having year around ice, but the other would be off for almost half a year, I guess, as it relates to being able to be used for other civic activities”.  Hence the name change from an Ice Arena to a Civic Center.  Reflecting a regional feel with a (more…)

Kaczmarek Nfld’s BTYR “Volunteer of the Year”

June 13, 2018

It was a ruse that worked! Northfield’s Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Committee’s “Volunteer of the Year” award went to Virginia Kaczmarek, who thought she was assisting Dana Graham, the first recipient, in the delivery of the award.  Instead, Graham turned to Kaczmarek and presented it to her! From the start, the former Marine, and Executive Director of the YMCA, has been instrumental in Veterans issues. Helping those who come into our community and need assistance, of any kind.  During their meeting, they voted to join with the Veteran’s Service at Bridgewater Elementary School next year. Northfield’s Beyond the Yellow Ribbon has grown to a network of over 300 volunteers offering a multitude of services. They also reach out to surrounding communities.  If you’re a veteran, or if you’re the family of an active duty military person, contact  The trophy was created by TJ Heinricy and will travel to another recipient next year.  Their name will be added to the award.

BTYR committee

Man who told police to shoot him, pleads to robbery; Depot and Transit Hub discussed at Council; Nfld police ticket 42

June 13, 2018

A man who told police to shoot him, pled guilty last week to simple robbery.  In March, Goodhue County Sheriff’s deputies and Cannon Falls police used de-escalation techniques to get a burglary situation under control. 40 year old Zlatan Lukic, no known address, tried to drive a stolen vehicle through a ditch, where he got stuck. Lukic had just burgled the home and confronted the residents.  Officers held him at gunpoint until back-up arrived. He was yelling at the officers to shoot him. Cannon Falls Police Chief McCormick said the incident had a successful outcome (more…)


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