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Alert: Nfld PD looking for suspect involved in theft

September 19, 2017


Northfield Police have an alert out for a suspected professional shoplifter.  She’s described as a white Female, 5’5″ Heavy Set, possibly 200lbs with Blue Eyes and Short Brown Hair,  She was wearing Jeans, black shoes and a short sleeved black tunic.  The suspect took jewelry and other small items from stores on Division St. She stole the items while engaging the clerk in conversation.  Reportedly taking the most expensive items in the store that were not in the display case. 


If you see this person please call Northfield Police Department at 507-645-4475 (Non-Emergency) or 911 (EMERGENCY) immediately.

Underdahl comments on “Medicare” for all; Nfld schools run solely on sustainable energy; Nfld Council set to vote on Prelim levy tonight

September 19, 2017

Senator Al Franken signed on as a co-sponsor to a single-payer healthcare legislation that Senator Bernie Sanders is sponsoring.  Northfield Hospital and Clinics President & CEO, Steve Underdahl explained, “it’s kind of the Medicare-for-all sort of idea.  Which, as I understand the bones of this one, would kind of take the same type of government sponsored healthcare like we have for Medicare and provide that across the spectrum”.  He said it may gain a little more traction, “partially because the pay points for healthcare among regular folks have grown so much over the last few years that lots (more…)

Opinion piece by House District 20b Representative David Bly

September 19, 2017

An America that Works for Everyone:
5 Building Blocks for a Land of Opportunity

Today we are in the midst of a great shift away from a middle class economy, where the majority of the people have the majority of the wealth, to a rich-and-poor economy. Benefits and opportunities have been unraveling for the majority of working Americans, who fall further behind while a handful of people enjoy a massive increase in wealth. (more…)

Prosecuting drug cases in 2017 by Rice County Atty John Fossum

September 18, 2017

By John L. Fossum, Rice County Attorney

There have been many commentaries on drug prosecution and sentencing practices, mostly they seem to describe a system I don’t recognize.  I have been practicing criminal law in Minnesota in state and federal court since 1993.  In that time, I have never seen a low level user with a small amount of marijuana go to prison.  Possession of a small amount of marijuana, less than 42.5 grams, or about an ounce and a half is a petty misdemeanor in Minnesota, the same level offense as a parking or speeding ticket, and the only possible penalty is a fine of $300 or less. (more…)

Design of roadway used to control driver behavior; Community presentation on Northfield School District referendum; Cannon Valley Indivisible organized rally in defense of DACA and Municipal ID’s; Day of Peace celebration will feature a variety of musicians, poetry and an open mic

September 18, 2017

Last week the Northfield Council discussed the 2018 street projects which includes a mill and overlay on Washington St. between 2nd and Woodley, 7th street from Water to Washington and Division St. from 6th to 8th.  There are several options that include greenspace, bumpouts, raised intersections and more that are a part of the complete streets concepts.  Mayor Pownell says the idea is for safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. The Toole Design Group who are working with the City, had a slide that compared driver speed and the survival rate of a person hit by a vehicle.  At 40 mph, the survival rate (more…)


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