‘Strokes and Heart Attacks’ on Community Pharmacist Conversations with Jessica Astrup

Today concludes our month long series on all things related to blood pressure on ‘Community Pharmacist Conversations’ with Jessica Astrup. Learn from Jessica about stroke and heart attack signs, symptoms, diagnosis and prevention. Listen for ‘Community Pharmacist Conversations’ every Tuesday right here on KYMN Radio. Listen to the full show in the link below:   Join […]

Today’s news update – Council leaning toward sidewalks for Woodley street; Dundas okays gambling at L&M, hiring a police officer and new camera systems; Councilor offers “politically neutral decision making process”

Council leaning toward sidewalks for Woodley street Every household within 350 feet of the Woodley St. project received notice of the construction, the meetings and a survey of what they wanted.  Public Works Director Dave Bennett said last night that, of the 200 households, less than 50% responded.  Staff recommended a 44 ft wide street, […]

“Blood Pressure, Part 3″ on ‘Community Pharmacist Conversations’ with Jessica Astrup

For many out there blood pressure is an ongoing topic. Continue the conversation with pharmacist Jessica Astrup on today’s continued blood pressure series on ‘Community Pharmacist Conversations’. Listen for ‘Community Pharmacist Conversations’ each Tuesday morning at 11am here on 1080AM KYMN. For the full podcast click the link below: Comm Pharm 5-19-15 Join the conversation! […]

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Dundas City Adm John McCarthy 5/27/15

Tim Freeland, sitting in for Jeff Johnson, speaks with John McCarthy after last nights Dundas City Council Meeting, they discuss the agenda and other topics. Listen to the full interview….

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Dr. L. Chris Richardson 5/27/15

Dr. Richardson talks with Tim Freeland, sitting in for Jeff Johnson, about topics from last nights School Board Meeting. Listen to the full interview….

Community News: Minute with the Mayor video 5/26/15

Mayor Dana Graham has recorded another short video.  This one is in regard to the Woodley Street project: Minute with the Mayor recorded 5/22/15

Today’s news update – 246 and Jefferson gets some attention; It was a packed Armory for Memorial Service; Woodley Street and the Liquor store on agenda

246 and Jefferson gets some attention Hwy 246 and Jefferson Pkwy has long been a problematic intersection.  This morning representatives from the City, Northfield School district and MnDot were out there from  7:15 to 8:15.  Deputy Chief Mark Dukatz said that’s the busiest time with three schools in the area.  When the 4 way stop […]

Audio Replay of the 2015 Memorial Day Service


Thanks to all who helped make for another great Memorial Day service, this year inside at the National Guard Armory Building. Memorial Service 2015