Today’s news update – Rep. Bly agrees with Dayton on gas tax increase; Adult posse members wanted; Before Labor Day start a reality this year?; Got potholes? Tell it to the City

WELCOME! It appears you are new to our site. We hope you LIKE us on Facebook to get local breaking news and maybe a few online giveaways! Get to Facebook HERERep. Bly agrees with Dayton on gas tax increase Talk to a republican, talk to a democrat and you’ll get 2 different stories on the […]

15 with the Author | ‘Soul Food Love’ by Alice Randall 3/30/15


On today’s 15 with the Author, Teri Knight talks with best-selling author Alice Randall, co-author of “Soul Food Love”.  It’s a history of the black kitchen going back 5 generations.  Weighing in at over 200 pounds, Alice Randall was determined to be “the last fat black woman” in her family. She turned to her daughter, […]

This Northfield Life – T.J. Heinricy 3-25-15

T.J. Heinricy, Street and Parks Superintendent for the City of Northfield and General Chair of the Defeat of Jesse James Days, joins hosts Corey Butler and Brad Ness in the debut of “This Northfield Life”.  Listen for the show and a new guest each Wednesday at 6:00pm.   This Nfld Life 3-25-15

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Joan Ennis on Northfield Reads 3/30/15


Jeff Johnson speaks with Northfield Library’s Joan Ennis about Northfield Reads – a community wide reading program.  The Human Rights Commission, along with several other groups chose ‘Enrique’s Journey‘ as it appeals to both adults and young adults.  It’s the true story of 17 year old Enrique as he works to come to the U.S.  […]

From the office of Rice County Attorney John Fossum

The future of Juvenile Life Without Release Sentences in Minnesota By John L. Fossum Rice County Attorney The legislature has two crime-related bills under consideration on an issue of particular significance for Rice County, juvenile life without release sentences.  The United States Supreme Court decided in the case of Miller v. Alabama that an automatic […]

Wayne Eddy Affair | Dan Van Tassel, Parts 1 & 2

Dan Van Tassel is a retired college professor and author of the book “Back to Barron”.

‘Morning Show’ with Jeff Johnson | Senator Kevin Dahle 3-27-15

Jeff Johnson speaks with State Senator Kevin Dahle, from District 20 regarding current issues with the State Senate Sessions on3-27-15.

Today’s news update – Getaway driver sentenced in connection with shooting; NAFRS a taxing authority?; Dundas likely to acquire park land; Bly concerned over environmental cuts

Getaway driver sentenced in connection with shooting 30 year old Tammy Lynn McGerr of Northfield was sentenced yesterday in Rice County court after pleading guilty to driving the van that Shane Michael Hejl used to flee the scene of a crime.  Hejl was sentenced in February to 122 months in the shooting of Travis Frederick […]