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Water rescue in Cannon City Township

July 21, 2018

On 07/21/18 at approximately 11:50am, Faribault Officers and Rice County Deputies responded to assist one adult female and three adult males who were stranded on the Cannon River in the area of 175th Street East in Cannon City Township.  All four adults were stranded on the Cannon River after river currents pulled the females kayak into a downed tree and the males attempted rescue.  Rice County Deputies located the trapped boaters using a Rescue UTV. Rice County Water Patrol Deputies and Dive Team members responded by boat, located and rescued all four parties and brought them to shore.  Aubreona Hanson was transported by Deputies to an ambulance and subsequently flown by helicopter to a hospital. At last report the victim was in serious but stable condition. Media Release Water Rescue 072118

Montgomery man charged with having sex with teen; Change order adds $69,000 to project; Insect Safari on the Cannon

July 20, 2018

A Montgomery man was taken into custody on Monday after Rice County Deputies investigated him for sexual misconduct with a child.  52 year old John Patrick Webster is charged with 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct, solicitation of a child to engage in sex and using electronic communication related to sexual acts.  On July 6th, the mother of the 14 year boy, found the Grindr app on his phone. It’s an online social networking site for homosexuals. Deputies set up an interview with the boy and discovered evidence (more…)

Citizen questions Fire Investigation report; Line cut shuts down Nfld City communications for a time; Lighten Up garage sale raises $36,000 for non-profits

July 19, 2018

pasteurization vessel

Whitemore Fire Consultants were retained by the League of MN Cities to investigate the fire in the Northfield WWTP biosolids building in May, the 2nd incident of three, at the plant in the last 6 months, and the most expensive at over $5 million.  Public Works Director, Dave Bennett, told Council that the built-up sludge from the pre-treatment building is sent to the biosolids building where the liquid is further squeezed out of it and it’s blended and stabilized using quicklime (more…)

Update on Axel!

July 18, 2018
About an hour ago (2:30ish), Axel’s Grandma, Cara, reports that: 

The Transportation portion has been met due to generous donations. The funds raised in addition will go towards medical care and treatment for our grandson. with sincere gratitude to each and everyone of you !!!!


Updates on Axel and word from the Grisims; Witt Bros get wider driveway and Council okays ask for grant dollars on Transit Hub; Vikla crowed 2018 Rice County Fair Queen

July 18, 2018

A young family starting their 2 week vacation in Costa Rica is now trying to get their son home on a medical transport.  I spoke with Grandpa Doug Grisim. He said his daughter Emmee and her family arrived at their host family’s home on July 10th to enjoy time on the beach, in the parks and more but the very next day, nearly 4 year old Axel, fell and broke his femur.  Doug said, “he was able to get the medical attention needed and he was placed in, what’s called, a spika cast”.   (more…)

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