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They’ll “break ground” for Dennison lift station this month; Local charities participate in Give to the Max Day; Graphic artist featured in Art Show at Nfld Historical Society tonight; Save the Depot dedicates sculptures; Colleges give annual donation to City

November 15, 2018

With no one running against him, Jeffrey Flaten was re-elected for a 3rd time to Mayor of Dennison with 68 votes to 17 write-ins.  In 2014, citizens started being assessed $25 monthly to start setting aside money for sewer ponds and a lift station. By 2016, Flaten was working on the lift station himself and was cited for it.  That’s when he was able to get, then Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, to come to Dennison and see the need. In June of 2017 he was able to secure $726,000 for a lift station and also improvements to their infrastructure worth $250,000.  They will break ground on the lift station at the end of this month.  Next Spring they’ll be pursuing a phosphorus reduction system. Something they have to do, in order to get their Wastewater permit.  Dennison isn’t the only municipality dealing with dated infrastructure, in fact, there are many throughout the State. Flaten said, with a town of about 190, it’s a challenge to keep taxes low and also provide all the (more…)

Council labors over paid leave; Design teams sought for Nfld Schools projects; McCarthy on Dundas voter turnout, “that was unbelievable”

November 14, 2018

Paid parental/family leave for City employees was a lengthy discussion during Northfield Council’s meeting last night.  Councilor DeLong was part of the committee that came up with allowing 2 weeks paid leave twice a year to employees, providing for new parents and/or care for a family member.  As for childbirth right now, parents are allowed 2 weeks paid. The policy would then become 4 weeks paid. This benefit includes part time personnel. Peterson White, who has spearheaded the initiative to lengthen paid time off, wanted the parental leave to be extended to 6 weeks paid and allowed once per year. (more…)

Woman accused of murder back in jail; Nfld sees uptick in DUI’s; Winter parking ban begins Thursday; Nfld man pleads guilty to assault; Nfld and Dundas councils hold meetings tonight

November 13, 2018

A Faribault woman accused of murder is back in jail.  In early September, 24 year old Judana Williams was charged with 2nd degree murder with intent after admitting to stabbing 52 year old Michael Bongers, a man whom she had a relationship with. Bongers died at District One hospital.  She posted $100,000 bail.  Two days after her release she tested positive for cocaine and is now being held without bail.  Rice County Attorney John Fossum said they’ll have another bail hearing at the end of this month, adding that it is a complex case.  He said forensic evidence doesn’t come in like a tv show over a (more…)

Our building is without power

November 13, 2018

UPDATE:  We are up and operating….  Wahoo

Mornin’!  The Carleton building where KYMN is stationed, at 200 Division St. South, is without power.  Xcel Energy shut the whole area down while they install a transformer that will be above flood waters.

Backup power was supposed to be on at 5am this morning.  That will not be the case.  We are HOPING that it will be back on by 6am, however, all of our computers will have to be rebooted and that will take some time.  Please bear with us as Xcel does their thing.

Thank you, Jeff and Teri

Man charged with stealing $270k from Dakota Co.; Nfld gets surprise grant $ for intersection; Fossum discusses Veterans Court 

November 12, 2018

A warrant was issued Friday afternoon for a man accused of stealing over $270k from Dakota County.  County Attorney James Backstrom announced that 39 year old Vangyee Leng Yang, of Fridley, has been charged* with 5 counts of Theft by Swindle in connection with the disappearance of said dollars from the housing fund.  Yang allegedly took the money from April, 2016, to May 31, 2018, while he worked as an employee with the Dakota County Community (more…)