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Another IRS scam – this one comes in the mail and by phone

September 18, 2018

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn is warning citizens:

In the last few days, a number of citizens have received letters that appear to be from the IRS.  These letters are requesting from citizens that an audit has been completed and that inconsistencies have been found in previously filed returns.  

The letter then directs them to purchase a blank money order for $5,000 money order and return it to the IRS within 10 days in the enclosed envelope addressed to the Finance Department in Houston, Texas.   Do not send any money to them using this envelope. This is a scam. (more…)

Lightning takes down a 100 year old tree; Nfld Council to set prelim levy – large bump recommended for EDA and HRA; Youth In Government informational mtgs set

September 18, 2018

photo by Glenn Switzer

The high winds yesterday afternoon peeled the roof off a mobile home at 24 Viking Terrace.  Police Chief Monte Nelson said no one was hurt, adding that officers responded to the scene, the owners were notified and there were (more…)

“A crowded docket”, says Fossum; Patience leads to largest drug bust in the State; Nfld looks at possible levy of nearly 10%, Meet & Greet for Interim Comm. Dev. Director; Longtime Docs Wille and Shepley to retire

September 17, 2018

“We have a crowded docket, we have a lot of work to do”, Rice County Attorney John Fossum commenting on drug cases and child protection.  Since in office, he’s added a full time drug prosecutor along with a part-time and a full time attorney to handle child protection cases.  As for funding, he said, “the County Board has done a good job in terms of giving us an opportunity to meet those obligations and we added a lawyer this year, in part (more…)

Farmington Tigers Vs Lakeville North Football Game

September 14, 2018

Raiders Vs Faribault Football Game

September 14, 2018

The Northfield Raiders beat Faribault 29-0.