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Nfld Police recruiting for Reserves, celebrate Reserve of the Year; NAFRS names Firefighter of the year – look for the full story tomorrow; Lippert asks for $ for Roberds Lake cleanup; City rolls out Public engagement tool

February 18, 2019

Reserve Sgt. Ashley Burk and Sgt. Kevin Tussing

What do Police Reserves do?  Northfield Police Officers Ryan Bollig and Brent Feldhake stopped by the KYMN studios to talk about that.  Bollig said they depend on them frequently with special events such as DJJD, St. Olaf Christmas concert, hockey games and more, assisting with crowd and traffic control.  They also go on ride alongs. Bollig said they’re a “safety net” if you while, a 2nd set of eyes.  He added that the opportunities are endless.  Officer Brent Feldhake, an Advisor for the Reserves said you don’t have to have a background in law enforcement, although many do.  They’d like to see a balance of both.  You receive training, including how to use pepper spray and other tactics they have.  The Reserves are all volunteer.  And they just honored their Reserve Officer of the Year, Ashley Burk.  Bollig said, “she was exceptional between her administration hours, event hours and ride along hours, she (more…)

Cannon Falls man killed in rollover; Dennison man sentenced in CVO case; RFP’s sought for Roundabout at 246/Jefferson design; ALC works on steps to boost graduation rates

February 15, 2019

A 58 year old Cannon Falls man is dead after crashing his vehicle on Hwy 56 at Mile Post 84 in Warsaw Township.  Around 11:30 last night, Scott Theodore Friedrich was traveling northbound in a 2001 Chrysler town and country van when he lost control on the snow and ice and rolled into the ditch.  He was not wearing a seatbelt. Troopers were assisted by Goodhue County deputies. (more…)

Nfld Chief warns drivers of high snow piles; “They’ve been thoughtful”  Malecha commenting on Bridgewater; “May the Forest be with you…”; KYMN feels the love!

February 14, 2019

Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson stopped by KYMN studios yesterday to talk about the amount of snow piled up, in particular where children are at bus stops, driveways and anywhere the kids could be.  Pay attention to your driving habits and continue to watch for slick spots. The City was out all night plowing streets.  Nelson said that we are “almost at capacity” with the amount of snowfall and, with those areas around intersections, driveways and parking lots, we are running out of space to put it!  Division is clear from curb to curb.  Additionally (more…)

Nfld Chief warns to use caution with high snow banks and more

February 13, 2019

Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson stopped by the KYMN studios to ask residents to please use extreme caution traveling where students are out walking to and from school.  The snow piles are so high that you may not see them and they are likely not looking for you.  He also wants folks to remember to keep fire hydrants clear if you have one on your lot or help your neighbor do it.  Clear your sidewalks and remember we are still under a snow emergency.  Check the City’s website for complete information on the Snow Emergency and sign up for alerts.  His full interview is below:

ADUs will get a closer look;  Northfield couple jailed on heroin charges; Will Nfld students have to make-up snowdays?

February 13, 2019

There’s widespread agreement that Northfield needs affordable housing and that Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) could provide some relief.  The issues at last night’s Council meeting were that the Planning Commission wants to release them from regulations regarding parking access, the 20% rental rule, the size of the accessory dwelling units, to name a few.  Six residents spoke including Cliff Clark who said that while he’s in favor of the concept, speaking of the options he said, “this is written so vaguely and so abstractly that as I see it, I could bring in 3 tar paper fishing shacks all in my backyard, hook them up to water and sewer and (more…)