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Stolen by the owner? Not so much; Northfield school district receives $124k grant; Northfield council talks budget, roundabout and energy report; Dundas 2020 general fund will get boost for elections

July 16, 2019
By Teri Knight, News Director


A stolen truck leads to a felony stop in Faribault Friday night. Faribault police ran a plate on a truck at the Speedway gas station. It came back stolen, however, the registered owner, 30-year-old Derek Emmanuel Tolbert, was also identified as the potential thief. The three people inside were ordered out of the truck at gunpoint. Tolbert told officers he bought the truck two or three days prior from someone named “Shawn,” although he didn’t know the last name but said they were old friends. The truck was reported stolen on July 7, 2019, from someone named LFG out of Wabasha County. The Department of Motor Vehicles shows the truck title was transferred July 9 from LFG to Tolbert. He’s been charged with felony Receiving Stolen Property and (more…)

Fugalli is turned down in plea change for 1st degree drug sale; Comments open for Northfield council session on climate plan, roundabout and budgets; When Roles Reverse – Jim Comer seminar tomorrow; It weighs 1.25 million pounds and is 133 feet long and it’s stopping here in Northfield

July 15, 2019

By Teri Knight, News Director

Fugalli 2019

Fugalli 2019

In April of 2018, Anthoney Fugalli was charged with 1st and 2nd degree controlled substance for selling heroin. He pled guilty to the 1st degree charge and the 2nd degree was dropped. Rice County attorney John Fossum said last week, “He reached the point where he didn’t like the plea deal and he tried to withdraw his plea and the court wouldn’t allow him to do that.” Fugalli is looking at about five to six years of prison time. Fossum said that you can’t just change your mind after you’ve made a deal, adding, “Because what happens once somebody has pled guilty, we kind of stand down and the evidence is still there, we’re still preserving it, but once we’ve geared down for trial, the longer these cases drag out, the harder they become (more…)

Sex offender’s probation revoked, Akida to serve sentence; Fifth Street Lofts garners attention – not all good; Roundabout on Northfield council work session; Scaffolding stays as rain and restoration issues delay project on Central Block building

July 12, 2019

By Teri Knight, News Director

Akida 2013

In 2013, Adam Akida pled guilty in Rice County court to sexual contact with an underage girl. She was 15. He was sentenced at the time to three years in prison, stayed and put on probation. Rice County Attorney John Fossum said in 2015 he left the country, managing his grandmother’s rental properties in Tanzania. He did not follow any of the mandates for probation including not leaving the country and completing a sex offender treatment program. He flew back to the U.S and was caught and held in Chicago under a Rice County warrant. On Tuesday he went before Rice County Judge Christine Long. Fossum said, “He [Akida] admitted that he violated his conditions of probation and the judge revoked the probation and sent him off to prison, so he’s serving that three-year sentence he was initially (more…)

Head-on collision takes the life of Waterville man; Debate over “buildable” land heats up; Couple charged after law finds nearly 300 grams of heroin and $200k in their home

July 11, 2019

By Teri Knight, News Director

A head-on collision takes the life of a Waterville man. Early yesterday morning, Rice County Sheriff’s deputies along with the Minnesota State Patrol responded to a crash on Highway 60 in Warsaw Township. A Dodge Caravan, driven by 40-year-old Andrew Joseph Stein of Cannon Falls, was traveling west when he crossed the center line and struck a Buick LeSabre, driven by 27-year-old William Elmer Potter, travelling eastbound. Potter was pronounced dead at the scene; he was not wearing a seatbelt. Stein was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester with life threatening injuries. The crash remains under investigation but impaired driving does not appear to be a factor.    (more…)

Slow opening for Tavern kitchen after Chapati fire; Dundas council approves development and easements for 37 single family homes; Vigorous testing weans out NAFRS applicants; Fractured right wing for rescued Bald Eagle

July 10, 2019

By Teri Knight, News Director

It could be a month before The Tavern of Northfield Restaurant is open for business, said Archer House General Manager Arianna Graves yesterday. The Tavern’s kitchen had extensive water damage after a fire broke out July 1, 2019, in the Chapati Restaurant kitchen one floor above. The Tavern’s walls and flooring have to be replaced. There’s food safety clean up of everything in the kitchen and it must all be inspected including every electronic component for oven hoods, refrigeration and point of sales. At Chapati, who could open sooner, they’re dealing with smoke damage, which means replacing walls, wood shelving and plastics that were infiltrated by the smoke. The damage is in the tens of thousands of dollars and all due to an unattended cooking fire. (more…)

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